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BPDA releases interim report for PLAN: East Boston in English and Spanish

Oct 06, 2020

Planning team to hold virtual office hours for residents to provide feedback, ask questions

The Boston Planning & Development Agency’s (BPDA) Planning Division has released East Boston Today: An Interim Report of PLAN: East Boston, which draws on the planning study’s community engagement to-date to provide an overview of the East Boston neighborhood today. The document presents data and trends across six planning topics to capture various baseline conditions in the neighborhood and establish important reference points for developing future PLAN: East Boston actions, including people, housing, climate and environment, transportation, jobs, and urban form. East Boston Today is available on the BPDA’s website in both English and Spanish.

In order to provide the public with an opportunity to ask questions about the report and ongoing planning initiative, the PLAN: East Boston team will be holding a series of virtual office hours on:

  • Wednesday, October 14 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM. Click here to register.
  • Wednesday, October 14 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Click here to register.
  • Saturday, October 17 from 10:00 - 11:00 AM. Click here to register.

The report comes after more than 70 PLAN: East Boston community engagement events, including Advisory Group meetings, neighborhood walking tours, informal Chat with a Planner events at local businesses such as restaurants and bowling alleys, neighborhood association visits, and discussions at community events. In addition to planners, the PLAN: East Boston team includes a community engagement manager who focuses on building relationships and reaching out to new voices in the community. These events have facilitated important community conversations that helped shape the shared values reflected in the East Boston Today report and ongoing PLAN: East Boston initiative.

PLAN: East Boston works with the community to produce a framework to predictably shape the future of East Boston and identify opportunities to preserve, enhance and grow. Specifically, the planning initiative will update East Boston Master Plan, produce urban design guidelines, recommend updates to East Boston zoning and advise immediate- to long-term improvement projects for the neighborhood’s transportation network.

Under Mayor Walsh, the BPDA has an unprecedented number of planning studies underway, each guided by Imagine Boston 2030, the first city-wide master plan in 50 years aimed at guiding growth. In addition to East Boston, there are neighborhood planning studies moving forward in Charlestown, Downtown, Dorchester’s Glover’s Corner, Mattapan, Newmarket and Allston-Brighton’s Western Avenue, and since 2014, planning guidelines have been passed for PLAN: JP/Rox, PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue, and PLAN: Nubian Square.

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