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PLAN: Charlestown Land Use Through Time Workshop

Thursday, October 8, 2020 6:00 PM

Meeting Materials

In the October 8th workshop we discussed Kevin Lynch's five elements of place, from his well-known book, "Image of the City".

Lynch focused on how people orient themselves in an urban environment. His work sought to formalize approaches to understanding:

-How people take in information about their surroundings.
-How people process that information to build mental maps.
-How people orient themselves to know where they are.
-How people identify different districts of a city, or a neighborhood.

The last bullet is most relevant to the exercise because the survey will ask you to identify which parts of Charlestown are historic. Please complete the exercise by October 31st, 2020. If you have challenges using this technology, please feel free to attend the Open Office Hours event on October 13, 2020 from 6:00 PM–7:30 PM for assistance, or reach out directly to the planning team using contact information on this page.

Based on feedback received at the January 30, 2020 Open House and the August 27, 2020 Open Office Hours, the PLAN: Charlestown neighborhood planning initiative hosted a workshop on October 8, 2020 from 6:00 PM–7:30 PM on the topics of history and open space. Preservation experts presented a history of Charlestown's built environment, and Parks and Recreation staff presented on the Parcel Priority Plan.

This meeting will be hosted virtually on Zoom. Register in advance at:

PLAN: Charlestown Open Office Hours

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 6:00 PM

The PLAN: Charlestown team will hold Open Office Hours on October 13, 2020 from 6:00 PM–7:30 PM to review prior meeting materials, and help stakeholders with any technical difficulties using the mapping tool introduced in the October 8, 2020 Land Use Workshop.

This meeting will be hosted virtually on Zoom. Register in advance at:

Share Your Vision for Charlestown

Share Your Vision for Charlestown

The PLAN: Charlestown team created a “Share Your Vision for Charlestown Postcard.” In the future, you will see these postcards throughout the community for you to share your thoughts with us. As part of the PLAN: Charlestown planning initiative, the postcard campaign provides residents the opportunity to draw or write their vision for the neighborhood. Whether you have ideas for how to shape your neighborhood, or questions about the planning initiative, the postcard is a great way to share. Please use the digital postcard to submit your thoughts directly to us right now!

PLAN: Charlestown Kick-off Open House feedback has been compiled by BPDA staff and is available for review on this website. The planning team is using this information to design upcoming public meetings to address topics and concerns raised by stakeholders at the Open House. If you have additional feedback on the Kick-off Open House and other PLAN: Charlestown events, please share your thoughts using the form below. 

Advisory Group Nominations have been extended until May 1, 2020.

Summary & Goals

PLAN: Charlestown is a comprehensive planning initiative in partnership with the community, staffed by a planning team consisting of an interdepartmental working group from across city departments and state transportation agencies.

Through this process, the entire neighborhood will be comprehensively examined to determine a shared vision for the future of Charlestown. Community discussions will focus on future land use, current development, as well as strategies to enhance the existing community and preserve its historic assets.

The scope of the project is the entire neighborhood of Charlestown. While ongoing land disposition processes will continue, no new Requests For Proposals (RFP's) for BPDA parcels will be issued until those parcels are reviewed, and a plan is created for them, through this process.

Most importantly, the process seeks to establish a comprehensive and coordinated plan to ensure the equitable provision of infrastructure to support neighborhood needs in the areas of: transportation, parks and open space, climate resilience, education, and affordable housing.

Please sign up for our mailing list, and stay tuned for updates about future events.

Advisory Group

As we embark on the neighborhood-wide planning process, now is the time to submit your nominations for stakeholders to serve on the project's Advisory Group (AG). Members of the AG will assist the process in exploring issues including, but not limited to, land use, mobility, climate resilience, open space, education, historic assets, and neighborhood character. Nominations are due by May 1, 2020. Please submit your nomination here.


尊敬的 Charlestown 社区成员,

随着规划的实施,Charlestown 整个邻里的规划改革举措、市长 Martin J. Walsh 和波士顿规划和开发署(BPDA)正在寻求利益相关者的提名,加入顾问小组(AG)的工作。AG 成员将在与创新举措相关的几项工作上协助城市规划团队,其中包括:

在规划过程中,AG 成员及整个 Charlestown 社区将探讨有关土地用途的事宜。该过程还将关注包括但不限于:流动性、气候复原力、开放空间、教育、历史资产和社区特色等主题。

AG 应该多元化,代表 Charlestown 社区的各方利益。提名应包括对当地社区有了解的人士,包括:当地居民(包括租客和业主)、当地企业主、Charlestown 的年轻人、地产业主和当地倡导团体;以及在城市规划、建筑、城市设计和房地产领域具有专业技术知识的人士。

提名人必须保证参加所有规划会议:Charlestown 会议。关于 AG 角色和责任的其他信息和 AG 提名表见附件,也张贴在 BPDA 项目网站上(。

请于 2020 年 5 月 1 日前将填妥的提名表格电邮或邮寄至 BPDA。

El Grupo Asesor

Estimado miembro de la comunidad de Charlestown:

Para emprender la iniciativa de planificación del PLAN Charlestownen todo el vecindario, el alcalde Martin J. Walsh y la Agencia de Desarrollo y Planificación de Boston (Boston Planning & Development Agency, BPDA) están buscando candidaturas de partes interesadas en unirse al Grupo Asesor (Advisory Group, AG). Los miembros del AG asistirán al equipo de planificación de la Ciudad en varias tareas relacionadas con la iniciativa, incluidas las siguientes:

A través del proceso de planificación, los miembros del AG y la comunidad de Charlestown en general analizarán cuestiones relacionadas con el uso del territorio. El proceso también se centrará en temas como la movilidad, la adaptación al cambio climático, los espacios abiertos, la educación, el patrimonio histórico y el carácter propio del vecindario, entre otros.

El AG deberá ser inclusivo y representar la diversidad de intereses de la comunidad de Charlestown. Las candidaturas deben comprender personas con conocimientos de la comunidad local, incluidos residentes locales (tanto arrendatarios como propietarios), dueños decomercios locales, jóvenes, dueños de propiedades y grupos defensores locales, entre otros, así como también técnicos expertos en los campos de arquitectura de planificación urbana, diseño urbanístico y bienes raíces.

Los candidatos deben comprometerse asistir a las reuniones del PLAN Charlestown. Se adjunta información adicional sobre las funciones y responsabilidades del AG y el formulario de candidatura, que también se pueden encontrar publicados en el sitio web de proyectos de la BPDA (

Envíe los formularios de candidatura completos a la BPDA por correo electrónico o correo postal antes del 1 de mayo de 2020.

Past Events

PLAN: Charlestown October Open Office Hours
| Presentation

PLAN: Charlestown Land Use through Time Workshop
Recording| Presentation

PLAN: Charlestown August Open Office Hours
During the August PLAN: Charlestown Open Office Hours, BPDA staff members provided a brief overview of the Kick-off Open House, previewed the next meeting topic, and answered questions from the public. 
Recording| Presentation

PLAN: Charlestown Kick-off Open House
The PLAN: Charlestown Kick-off Open House allowed Charlestown community members to share ideas, learn about the planning process and how to get involved. Members were also introduced to members of the City and the Boston Planning & Development Agency's planning team.
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