Article 80 Design Review

Broadband Ready Buildings Questionnaire

The City of Boston is working to cultivate a broadband ecosystem that serves the current and future connectivity needs of residents, businesses, and institutions. The real estate development process offers a unique opportunity to create a building stock in Boston that enables this vision. In partnership with the development community, the Boston Planning and Development Authority and the City of Boston will begin to leverage this opportunity by adding a broadband readiness component to the Article 80 Design Review. This component will take the form of a set of questions to be completed as part of the Project Notification Form. Thoughtful integration of future-looking broadband practices into this process will contribute to progress towards the following goals:

  1. Enable an environment of competition and choice that results in all residents and businesses having a choice of 2 or more wireline or fixed wireless high-speed Internet providers
  2. Create a built environment that is responsive to new and emerging connectivity technologies
  3. Minimize disruption to the public right of way during and after construction of the building

The information that is shared through the Broadband Ready Buildings Questionnaire will help the BPDA and the City understand how developers currently integrate telecommunications planning in their work and how this integration can be most responsive to a changing technological landscape.