PLAN JP/ROX is an ongoing planning study in which the BRA is actively engaging with the community to create a new vision and plan for the area between Forest Hills, Egleston Square and Jackson Square, generally bounded by Washington Street, Columbus Avenue, and Amory Street. The study area is approximately 250 acres in size with over 6,000 residents. The study area overlaps the two neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, with the majority of the study area in Jamaica Plain. This initiative creates an opportunity to think strategically about the types of uses, the public realm, and the scale of development that are best suited for the future of the area.

One of the goals of this planning process is to create recommendations that align with the aspirations of the community and enhance overall livability in the area, and will ultimately inform new zoning for some parts of the study area. The study must examine and determine the compatibility of different uses including housing, commercial, and light industrial while studying the impacts of traffic and other forms of mobility in the study area. Of particular focus is the recent wave of mixed-use residential projects making their way to the area, and determining the implications of redevelopment and areas of opportunity. The study will also assess the visual identity of the area and opportunities to create more consistency and beautification in the public realm from end to end. Property owners, public agencies and other stakeholders should have a clear direction for the future of the area at the completion of the study.

Where are we now (January 2017)?

The BPDA has been in open dialogue with the community in over 9 community events, 12 public advisory group meetings, and over 25 small group and stakeholder meetings since July 2015. The PLAN: JP/ROX planning document provides recommendations and strategies around affordable housing, jobs and businesses, guidelines for urban design, and suggestions for improvements to transportation, connections, open space, sustainability, and the public realm. All of these ideas help to inform appropriate and updated zoning recommendations where appropriate in the JP/ROX Study Area. After the PLAN is adopted by the BPDA Board of Directors, a subsequent zoning phase will take place in the community. 

A PDF of the January 9, 2017 version of PLAN: JP/ROX, and a PDF compendium of changes since the October 2016 draft is located at the bottom of this page. We continue to welcome your feedback. You can provide input by emailing Marie Mercurio or John Dalzell at the BPDA. 

Public comments on the January 9, 2017 version of PLAN: JP/ROX will be accepted until 5 PM on January 25, 2017.


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Boston Redevelopment Authority
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