Accessibility Guidelines and Checklist

In 2009, a nine-member Advisory Board was appointed to the Commission for Persons with Disabilities in an effort to reduce architectural, procedural, attitudinal, and communication barriers affecting persons with disabilities in the City of Boston. These efforts were instituted to work toward creating universal access in the built environment. In line with these priorities, the Accessibility Checklist aims to support the inclusion of people with disabilities. In order to complete the Checklist, you must provide specific detail, including descriptions, diagrams and data, of the universal access elements that will ensure all individuals have an equal experience that includes full participation in the built environment throughout the proposed buildings and open space. In conformance with this directive, all development projects subject to Boston Zoning Article 80 Small and Large Project Review, including all Institutional Master Plan modifications and updates, are to complete the following checklist and provide any necessary responses regarding the following: 

  • improvements for pedestrian and vehicular circulation and access;
  • encourage new buildings and public spaces to be designed to enhance and preserve Boston's system of parks, squares, walkways, and active shopping streets; 
  • ensure that persons with disabilities have full access to buildings open to the public; 
  • afford such persons the educational, employment, and recreational opportunities available to all citizens; and
  • preserve and increase the supply of living space accessible to persons with disabilities.

We would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort in advancing best practices and progressive approaches to expand accessibility throughout Boston's built environment. For question or concerns please contact Patricia Mendez of the Mayor's Commission for Persons with Disabilities.

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