PLAN: Glover's Corner, Dorchester


PLAN: Glover’s Corner, Dorchester is a comprehensive planning initiative in partnership with the community, staffed by a planning team consisting of an interdepartmental working group from across City departments and State transportation agencies.

“Preserve, enhance, and grow” are the three lenses by which the study area will be examined to determine a vision for the future Glover’s Corner. Community discussions will focus on guidelines for future development and open space, as well as strategies to enhance existing businesses and residential communities.

The primary goals of this process include:

  • A proactive approach to change in an area that will likely face increasing development pressure.

  • Engagement of community residents, businesses, property owners, non-profits, civic groups, advocates, and various stakeholders through a range of workshops, site visits, and events.

  • Adaptability to the risks associated with climate change.

  • A defined vision that will allow the City and the community to support existing residents and businesses, while improving the planning area.

  • Establishment of new development guidelines to facilitate predictable and appropriate development and community benefits.

  • Creation of an area plan document that will form the basis for new zoning and public investments to guide future growth in a manner that is consistent with the community's vision.

Question Campaign

As the first phase of this process, we have launched a Question Campaign to learn about the issues that are important to you. Your questions will help us to shape this initiative. Please submit your question in the box below. Your input will form the basis for the questions that we will try to solve together through the planning process.

Open House

On Wednesday, March 8th we kicked off PLAN: Glover's Corner with an Open House. We shared information about the PLAN Initiative's goals and objectives, and profiles of the Study Area's geography, households, businesses and mobility infrastructure, as well as history of the area. We asked participants to share with us where they live, work and visit; what they would like to preserve, enhance, and grow in the Study Area; and what questions they have that will help shape the planning study. The content presented at the Open House can be found in PDF format in the Documents section at the bottom of this page. More than 180 residents, business owners, stakeholders and visitors shared their questions and ideas, and spoke to the City staff present at the event. 

Walk & Bike Tour -- JOIN US!

On Tuesday, April 25th (rain date April 26th) you are invited to join a walk and bike tour of the Study Area. The purpose of the Walk and Bike tours is to get to know the Study Area and continue the dialogue about priorities that will shape the PLAN: Glover's Corner planning study. To learn more about the event and to RSVP please visit the event page here


Help start the conversation. What questions should shape the PLAN: Dorchester, Glover’s Corner planning effort?

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Walk & Bike Tour Flyer PDF, 1.1MB