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Navy Yard Master Plan Implementation


As Navy Yard stakeholders, the neighborhood of Charlestown, and the City of Boston continue the decades-long process of adapting this former military installation into a thriving neighborhood, it is important to review the master plan upon which this process is predicated.

The Charlestown Navy Yard Waterfront Activation Network Plan was produced in 2007 and is an amendment to the original 1990 Harborpark Municipal Harbor Plan. The 2007 plan's overarching goal is to enhance the Navy Yard's waterfront with uses that are appealing to both local residents and workers, as well as visitors. The plan seeks to fulfill the promise made upon decommissioning to make this site of national significance open and welcoming to all, while doing so in a way that is compatible with the needs of those who have chosen to live and work in the Navy Yard. Strategies from the 2007 plan include the creation of year-round public destinations; improved access, wayfinding, and signage; and increased water-dependent uses such as sailing facilities, marinas, and water transit facilities.

Below is a timeline of the planning history for the Navy Yard, with links to each plan as it evolved throughout the years.

We urge all interested parties to review the timeline to understand the legacy of planning in the Navy Yard that led to where we are today. To help we have pulled out key takeaways from each plan to save people some time, but please feel free to dive in as deeply as you like and help improve the Navy Yard waterfront in the spirit of all the work that has come before us.