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Wednesday, December 2, 2020 Inner Harbor Designated Port Area Information Session

The PLAN: East Boston team hosted a virtual information session about the East Boston Inner Harbor Designated Port Area (DPA). Based upon a request from the City of Boston, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) plans to conduct a review of properties located in the East Boston Inner Harbor DPA boundary to determine whether or not they meet the state’s requirements for inclusion in the area. For more information about this process, visit the calendar event page to view the presentation, a recording of the meeting, and links to related resources.

September 14, 2020 East Boston Today: An Interim Report of PLAN: East Boston 

The PLAN: East Boston team is excited to share an Existing Conditions Report, East Boston Today. This document presents data and trends across six planning topics—People, Housing, Climate and Environment, Transportation, Jobs, and Urban Form—to capture various “baseline” conditions in the neighborhood. These measurements establish important reference points for developing future plan actions, and eventually, measuring progress towards our goals. The goals set out in this document are a reflection of our shared values and present an ambitious vision of the future of East Boston. 

East Boston Today - English
East Boston Hoy - Español

July 1, 2020 Virtual Chat with a Planner

The PLAN: East Boston team hosted a virtual Chat with a Planner event to share updates about the planning process and upcoming community engagement. Participants engaged in conversation with BPDA staff, and no new recommendations presented. Please click here to view a recording of the virtual meeting. Please find a written summary of the meeting in English and in Spanish here.


PLAN: East Boston is a community-driven, neighborhood-wide planning initiative in East Boston. Guided by Imagine Boston 2030 and several city-wide strategic plans, PLAN: East Boston will produce a framework to predictably shape the future of East Boston, and identify opportunities to preserve, enhance, and grow.

The effort is organized by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) in partnership with several City agencies, and relies on the participation of the East Boston community to be both meaningful and sustainable.

PLAN: East Boston will:

  • Update the East Boston Master Plan (2000),
  • Recommend updates to Article 53 (East Boston zoning article);
  • Produce urban design guidelines; and
  • Recommend near- and long-term improvement projects for the neighborhood’s transportation network.

Citywide strategic plans help set the following goals for PLAN: East Boston:

  • Housing - Expand access to housing options in East Boston that are affordable, stable, and able to meet households needs as they change over time.
  • Climate and Environment - Advance climate preparedness and promote a healthy environment.
  • Transportation - Ensure access to travel choices in East Boston that connect all parts of the neighborhood to all parts of the city both safely and reliably.
  • Jobs and Economy - Support neighborhood economies that meet the needs of local communities as well as regional industries.
  • Urban Form - Guide neighborhood growth that is predictable and contextual and contributes to a public realm that is active and connected.

Establishing Existing Conditions

PLAN: East Boston kicked-off in September 2018. The first 18 months of the initiative focused on establishing existing conditions, using publicly available data and deep local knowledge to document the neighborhood as it exists today and neighborhood trends. These efforts are documented in an interim report, East Boston Today, which will be released in the coming weeks. 

During this phase, PLAN: East Boston held several public meetings and workshops to share information about existing conditions and learn about community priorities and visions. These included the following workshops:

Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

The following phase of the initiative focused on collectively identifying challenges and opportunities associated with different neighborhood character areas. Character areas identify types of places in the neighborhood. Buildings and public spaces within a given character area share similar uses and physical features. 

Imagining the Future

PLAN: East Boston Character Areas Overview

The next phase of the initiative will focus on imagining the future of East Boston, and will use feedback from neighborhood-wide discussions to develop zoning recommendations, design guidelines, and public realm scenarios for specific focus areas within the neighborhood.

  • Preserving Neighborhood Residential Areas
    • Efforts will be focused on recommending updates to Article 53 and the development of Design Guidelines to support infill development in areas currently zoned as 1F / 2F / 3F and MFR
  • Enhancing Mixed-use Squares and Corridors
    • In addition to general recommendations to update commercial areas in Article 53, specific design and transportation recommendations will accompany each of the following commercial squares and major neighborhood corridors: 
      • Maverick Square
      • Central Square 
      • Meridian Street
      • Day Square
      • Orient Heights Square
      • Bennington Street
  • Guiding Growth in Waterfront and Economic Development Areas (EDAs)
    • In addition to general recommendations to update waterfront areas and EDAs in Article 53, specific development and transportation recommendations will accompany each of the following:
      • Addison McClellan EDA & Chelsea Creek EDA
      • Saratoga Street EDA
      • Regional transportation connections
      • East Boston's Greenlinks
      • Route 1A

Engagement will be closely coordinated with other planning initiatives in the neighborhood including the Designated Port Area (DPA) boundary review by the Office of Coastal Zone Management, and Climate Ready East Boston Phase II, led by the Office of Environment.

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