Boston Smart Utilities Project

Over the past year, the City of Boston and the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) have examined utility infrastructure design and implementation to address two key issues:

  • Innovations are stifled because there is no integrated utility planning framework
  • Repetitive street openings cause business downtime and inconvenience

The Boston Smart Utilities Vision is an collaborative study to determine new approaches for providing equitable, resilient, sustainable and world-class utility services to create urban districts that are more affordable, livable, and connected. The Vision sets the stage for city-wide policies that will improve coordination among utilities and drive smart city solutions. The Pilot Project Area was selected to illustrate the business as usual approach and to evaluate the costs and benefits of recommendations. However, the emerging recommendations will apply citywide.

The findings from this work include three reports:

Stakeholder Engagement

The Boston Smart Utilities Vision was created through detailed technical analysis combined with extensive stakeholder engagement. Over the course of the study, developers, utilities, academic institutions, renewable energy providers, technology providers, and industry experts were engaged at key intervals through a series of three Whiteboarding Sessions. These Whiteboarding Sessions shaped the goals of the Boston Smart Utilities Vision, vetted smart strategies, technologies, and implementation solutions.

Whiteboarding Session #1 Recap Document

Whiteboarding Session #2 Recap Document

Whiteboarding Session #3 Recap Document

Smart Utilities Case Studies

The BPDA’s whiteboarding session on May 25, 2016 invited industry leaders to present case studies of Smart Utilities in a global context. Click on the presentation titles below to download the documents.

Singapore Urban Systems Modeling | Bob Button, CDM Smith
City of Copenhagen | Chris Dziekan, Hitachi Insight Group
Philadelphia Navy Yard | Jayant Kumar, GE Energy Connections
Worcester Smart Grid Pilot | Joe Mellusi, Itron
San Diego LightGrid System | Josh Paradise, Current powered by GE
Smart City Hamburg | Justin Hodgson, CISCO
Vision Zero PoC | Majid Khan, Verizon
Energy Storage and Microgrids | Mark Johnson, Schneider-Electric
Montreal Public Works Portal | Martin Plante, K2 Geospatial
Aurangabad Industrial City | Peter von Zweck, CH2M
Smart Grid and Smart Water| Scott McCarley, ThingWorx
Town of Cary Advanced Meters (Aquastar) | Tim Fairchild, SAS
Commonwealth of PA Computing Services | Tony West, Unisys
Chula Vista Smart Development | Jennifer James, Black & Veatch
EXPO Milano 2015 Smart City | Valerio Vadacchino, Enel

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