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In March 2020, the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative launched its Transportation Plan.The BPDA along with the Boston Transportation Department are furthering a main recommendation from the 2016 approved Dorchester Avenue Plan.The purpose of the Transportation Plan is to further analyze, refine, and advance the proposed multi-modal network recommendations of the 2016 Plan.The area of focus is along the two main corridors of Dorchester and Old Colony avenues between Broadway and Andrew Square.

Please continue to follow this BPDA webpage to keep informed about all upcoming planning events and materials shared at each Transportation engagement. For materials from previous engagements and final documents for the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue, please refer to the Documents section below.

In addition to recommendations for further transportation analysis as an outgrowth of the 2016 Plan, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department has been following up on open space recommendations to undertake a Vision plan for Moakley Park. It is currently conducting public workshops that will redesign the park to accommodate the needs of the South Boston neighborhood and climate resiliency. Please follow the website to keep informed of the open space process and progress for Moakley Park.

The PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative began in 2015 as a comprehensive effort involving the community, an Advisory Group, and a planning team consisting of an interdepartmental working group from across City departments and state transportation agencies.

“Preserve, enhance, and grow” were the three lenses by which the study area was viewed to determine how to create an appropriate planning vision. Community discussions exploring conceptual height and density buildouts, open space concepts, and a new street network to connect the district to the surrounding South Boston neighborhood and beyond now form the physical framework for the Plan being implemented.

Final Report (Print)

Latest Updates

Transportation Plan Virtual Kick-Off Meeting

July 29, 2020 6:00 PM or July 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Existing Conditions Report | Kick-Off Meeting Existing Conditions Presentation | Meeting Recordings (July 29 [coming soon] and July 30) | Q&A Chat transcript (July 29 [coming soon] and July 30)

The BPDA and Boston Transportation Department (BTD) hosted a virtual public meeting to kick off the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Transportation Plan. The meeting included a presentation followed by Q&A and comments. The purpose of the presentation was to:

  • Describe the connection between this effort and the 2016 PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue plan
  • Share what we have found out so far with our existing conditions transportation analysis
  • Hear from you about what is most important to consider as we look at the future transportation network

Further details on our existing conditions transportation analysis can be found in the Existing Conditions Report. Participants were able to review and comment on the existing conditions presented. There were no new recommendations presented or decisions made. Please click here to view recordings of the virtual meetings. Additionally, you can view a PDF of the presentation and view the Existing Conditions Report.

Schedule & Milestones

As currently envisioned, the PLAN: Dot Ave Transportation Plan will consist of the following schedule and milestones:

Public Engagement

Each phase of this transportation study involves various forms of public engagement. Questions? Comments? Would you like to stay engaged? Email us at

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Existing Conditions Report PDF, 29MB

Share Your Thoughts

We want to hear from you! All questions, comments and ideas are welcome. Comments are received and reviewed by members of the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Ave team.

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