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Summary & Goals

Guided by Imagine Boston 2030, PLAN: Mattapan is a City planning initiative that seeks to ensure that we preserve wisely, enhance equitably, and grow inclusively. Through these three principles of “preserve, enhance, and grow,” the City’s planning team will work with the community to create a comprehensive vision for the Mattapan planning area and guide future growth and investment.

PLAN: Mattapan will work closely with the community to review past planning efforts, and identify needs and opportunities for improvements which will support the long-term equitable growth and sustainability of the neighborhood. Focuses will include, though are not limited to, economic development (jobs and business) and the creation of transit-oriented market-rate and affordable housing growth while preserving the neighborhood’s character and unique attributes.

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Community Engagement

Upcoming Engagement

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Most Recent Engagement

Height & Use: A Corridors Activity | September 23, 2020

This PLAN: Mattapan workshop was a continuation of the August 5 meeting where the planning team discussed new densities along Mattapan's corridors. At this meeting the planning team and community discussed, in small groups, existing building heights, allowable zoning, and potential future heights along the corridors. The small group activity and feedback will help further the development of urban design guidelines and zoning for Mattapan’s corridors.

Presentation | Q&A From the August Meeting | Feedback | Meeting Recording
Presentacion | Pregunta y Respuesta de la Reunion Anterior | Comentarios | Grabación de reuniones (inglés)
Prezantasyon | Kesyon ak repons nan reyinyon anvan an | Fidbak | Reyinyon anrejistreman (angle)

Revisiting the Future of Mattapan's Corridors | August 5, 2020

This PLAN: Mattapan workshop shared our findings from and expanded on our February “The Future of Mattapan’s Corridors” workshop. At the February workshop, we explored the relationship between development and community assets along Mattapan’s corridors. At this meeting we discussed what we’ve learned and asked attendees where the solutions they provided earlier would fit best in Mattapan.

DRAFT Presentation
DRAFT Presentacion
DRAFT Prezantasyon

Virtual Chat with a Planner | June 3, 2020

The BPDA is beginning to explore digital engagement, and in an effort to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the neighborhood, the PLAN: Mattapan would like to hosted a Virtual Chat with a Planner. The conversation included brief updates from the city planning team followed by questions and comments from attendees. If you have questions about the event or what was discussed please contact Kenya Beaman. If you would like to review the presentation from the evening you can find it here. As with all of our Chat with a Planner sessions, no new content was issued and no decisions were made. 

In addition to hosting a Chat with a Planner, the PLAN: Mattapan team is inviting community members to participate in a survey focused on how COVID-19 has impacted the way you interact with the neighborhood. Results of this survey will be shared with the community and be used to help the City’s planning team on assessing how the public health crisis will impact our work. The survey is linked below and is translated in Haitian Creole and Spanish. Please complete this survey by June 30, 2020.

To complete the survey in English, use this link
Pou konplete sondaj la an kreyòl ayisyen, tanpri itilize lyen sa a
Para completar la encuesta en español, use este enlace

The Future of Mattapan's Corridors | February 26, 2020

Mayor Walsh joined the community and city planning team in Mattapan for the beginning of this meeting. The city planning team also shared information regarding Mattapan's Zoning (Article 60) and the Article 80 Development Review process. The community worked with the city planning team to explore how the values that were outlined together in the last year of process would present themselves along corridors in Mattapan. The main takeaway from this meeting was how development and community assets are interrelated.

Agenda | Presentation | Toolkit | Activity | Feedback
Agenda | Presentación | Guía | Actividad | Comentarios
Pwogramasyon | Prezantasyon | Gid | Aktivite | Fidbak

Deep Dive Session: Mattapan's Existing Housing Conditions, Programs, and Policies | January 22, 2020

The PLAN: Mattapan team shared information about housing in your neighborhood and what City of Boston programs and policies exist to support new housing. Together the planning team and attendees explored Mattapan’s housing stock in greater detail as a way to better understand how and where the neighborhood can grow in a predictable manner. The planning team shared recent housing data and how it informs the planning process. All of the materials from the meeting are linked below.

Housing Data Toolkit | Boston Housing Toolkit | Household Type Cards | PresentationFeedback
Kit de herramientas de datos de vivienda | Kit de herramientas de vivienda de BostonTarjetas de tipo de hogarPresentaciónComentarios
Lojman Done Zouti | Twous zouti lojman BostonKat Kay KalitePrezantasyonFidbak

Focus Area Deep Dive: Implementing the Vision | December 17, 2019

This Deep Dive built on our November meeting about Topic Areas. At this meeting, community members learned about and provided feedback on what areas the planning initiative will focus on. The evening was meant to share knowledge between the planning team and community members. Attendees walked away with a deeper understand of Residential Areas, Mixed-Use Corridors, and Mixed-Use Squares & Nodes. The group was also provided with a tentative outline for the next year of the planning process. Both the toolkit that was used and the tentative timeline are linked below.

Focus Area ToolkitHandout | Feedback
Guía De áreas de Enfoque | Materiales de Distribución | Comentarios
Konsantre Zòn GidFeyè Materyèl Fidbak

Where We've Been; Where We're Going | November 13, 2019
After a year of progress and over 100 engagements, the planning team returned to Mattapan to discuss moving from what we want to accomplish through this process to how we can achieve the PLAN: Mattapan vision statement. Attendees were also introduced to the PLAN: Mattapan consultant team led by MASS Design. After a short presentation about where we've been over the last year and how we will be moving forward. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss planning topic areas: Residential Fabric, Mixed-Use Corridors, and Mixed-Use Squares in small groups. We will begin to talk about more specific geographies at our December 17 meeting.

Agenda | Presentation | Handout | Exercise Feedback
Agenda | Presentación | Materiales de Distribución | Comentarios sobre el ejercicio
Pwogramasyon | Prezantayson | Feyè Materyèl Fidbak

Previous Engagement

Getting Around in Mattapan | June 25, 2019
As part of the sixth PLAN: Mattapan workshop, the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) learned more about how residents move across the neighborhood and throughout the City of Boston. Attendees of the Getting Around in Mattapan meeting shared ideas for better mobility in the neighborhood. Attendees were also shown how streets can be seen as places and opportunities to interact with the community. Finally, the evening provided an opportunity for community members to reflect on the vision statements that were developed at the Goals Setting workshop in March. You can still provide feedback on the vision statement that the City's planning team synthesized by clicking here and filling out the survey.

You can also participate in the Getting Around in Mattapan small group activity by printing this document and sending a photo of the completed form to Kenya Beaman at

Agenda | Presentation | Board | Exercise | Exercise Feedback
Agenda | Presentación | Junta | Ejercicio | Comentarios sobre el ejercicio
Pwogramasyon | Prezantayson | Afich | Aktivite | Fidbak

Haitian Community Conversation & Update | May 23, 2019
This was the fifth community meeting as a part of the PLAN: Mattapan process. This meeting was conducted in Haitian Creole with English translated materials and interpretation services available. The evening began with a brief presentation updating the community on what has been discussed thus far in the process. Immediately following the presentation, attendees were invited to review the open house boards related to previous workshops and provide feedback. Feedback was focused on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Mattapan, as well as, prioritizing the goals and vision for PLAN: Mattapan. All community members are encouraged to join us for future PLAN: Mattapan workshops.

Agenda | Presentation | Boards | Exercise Feedback
Pwogramasyon | Prezantayson | Afich | Fidbak

Goal Setting for Our Neighborhood | March 21, 2019
This was the fourth community meeting as a part of the PLAN: Mattapan process. At this event community members explored and prioritized draft goals for the planning initiative in order to further tailor the focus of PLAN: Mattapan. The evening began with a brief presentation about where the BPDA discussed the PLAN: Mattapan process and what we have heard throughout. Attendees then broke out into small groups and discussed priorities for the planning initiative and developed initial goal statements. This was a great opportunity to influence and inform the next steps for the initiative and to hear more about the upcoming workshops and process.

Agenda | Presentation | Exercise Feedback
Agenda | Presentación | Comentarios sobre el ejercicio
Pwogramasyon | Prezantayson | Fidbak

City Resource Fair | February 9, 2019
This was the third community meeting as a part of the PLAN: Mattapan process. At this event, community members had an opportunity to meet with a number of City of Boston departments and offices to learn about the work that they are doing in Mattapan. City representatives who attended the event work with issues related to housing, workforce development, transportation, arts & culture, and open space. No feedback was requested at this meeting, but there will continue to be opportunities to provide input on the future of Mattapan.

Presentation | Open House Boards | Data Packet
Presentación | Paneles de la Jornada de Puertas Abiertas | Paquetede Datos
Prezantayson | Afich | Pake Done
City Resources Contact List - English | Español | Kreyòl Ayisyen

Envisioning Your Neighborhood | December 10, 2018
This was the second community workshop as a part of the PLAN: Mattapan process. At this meeting, community members explored 5 planning themes (Neighborhood Identity, Housing, Jobs + Businesses, Open Space + Climate Resilience, and Mobility) in more detail. Small groups discussed the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of each of the themes.

Agenda | Presentation | Exercise Feedback
Agenda | Presentación | Comentarios sobre el ejercicio
Pwogramasyon | Prezantayson | Fidbak

Open House Kick-Off | October 25, 2018
The planning initiative officially launched on October 25th, with our open house at the Mildred Avenue Community Center. The Mattapan community came together to meet the city's planning team, provided feedback on the study's focus area, and explored the three themes of Preserve, Enhance, and Grow. Your feedback at the open house was the first of many opportunities to engage in the conversation around planning in your neighborhood.

Agenda | Open House Boards | Exercise Feedback
Agenda | Paneles de la Jornada de Puertas Abiertas | Comentarios sobre el ejercicio
Pwogramasyon | Afich | Fidbak

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