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791 housing units, including 151 income-restricted units move forward at final BPDA Board meeting of the year

Dec 17, 2020

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing requirements approved

At its final meeting of 2020, the Boston Planning & Development (BPDA) Board of Directors approved nearly 1.6 million square feet of development, including 10 new development projects and two Notices of Project Change that will result in new market-rate and income-restricted residential units, economic development, and jobs across the City of Boston. The new development projects approved this month will create an additional 791 residential units, including 151 income-restricted units or 19 percent of total units approved. These new development projects are expected to create over 3,400 jobs. The projects approved today bring the total new development approved in 2020 to 15,906,571 million square.

As part of the BPDA’s efforts to expand equity and end discriminatory housing practices, the Board voted to add Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing requirements to Boston’s zoning code. The zoning amendment will require developers in Boston to take substantial steps to stem displacement and provide further access to housing to those historically discriminated against.

Building on the agency’s ongoing efforts to support the small and local BPDA tenants as COVID-19 continues to impact Boston’s economy, the Board voted to extend rent deferments for qualified BPDA tenants through June 2021. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the BPDA has provided $1,986,356 in various forms of relief for qualified tenants at BPDA properties.

The Board also voted to tentatively designate Nubian Ascend Partners, LLC, to develop the BPDA-owned Blair Lot parking lot in Roxbury’s Nubian Square into a cultural and economic development destination. The proposal responds to the community vision laid out through the BPDA’s planning initiative for the neighborhood, PLAN: Nubian Square. The proposal will undergo Article 80 review alongside the community in 2021.

Planning Studies

The proposal will undergo Article 80 review alongside the community in 2021. the BPDA released the draft Allston-Brighton Mobility Plan for community feedback. The draft plan builds on the goals identified in Go Boston 2030 and Imagine Boston 2030, and provides a roadmap to improve mobility and quality of life for neighborhood residents, businesses, and the community, The public is encouraged to engage with the Draft Allston-Brighton Mobility on our website through January 15, 2021.

Development Projects

515-519 East Second Street will bring 30 home-ownership units to South Boston

Live: 30 home-ownership units, including 4 income-restricted
Work: 40 construction jobs
Connect: $30k contribution in community benefits

Located in South Boston, 515-519 East Second Street will construct a five-story, residential building totaling approximately 38,750 square feet. The building will contain 30 homeownership units, 4 of which are income-restricted. There will also be 35 garage parking spaces, and bicycle storage located within the ground level of the building. Community benefits associated with the project include a contribution for improvements to the intersection commonly known as Perkins Square such as crosswalk and public realm enhancements.

1700-1710 Dorchester Avenue moves forward with 36 housing units, 5 of which are income-restricted

Live: 36 residential units, including 5 income-restricted
Work: 35 construction jobs
Connect: $75k contribution in community benefits

The newly-approved 1700-1710 Dorchester Avenue will build two, four-story buildings in Dorchester that contain a combined 36 residential units, including 5 income-restricted units. 1700 Dorchester will be a mixed-use building with 25 rental units, a commercial use space, 12 garage parking spaces and 30 bicycle storage spaces. 1710 Dorchester Avenue will be a residential building with 11 homeownership units, 8 garage parking spaces and 18 bicycle storage spaces. The project will also contribute funding for public realm and transportation infrastructure improvements in the area.

Compliant with Boston’s Compact Living Policy, 1463-1469 Dorchester Avenue will bring 29 housing units to Dorchester

Live: 29 Compact Living residential units
Work: 65 construction jobs
Connect: 30 bicycle storage spaces
Sustain: Zero carbon emission standard

1463-1469 Dorchester Avenue will bring a five-story mixed-use building totaling approximately 20,275 square feet to Dorchester. The newly approved project will yield 29 residential units, including 4 income-restricted units. All of the units will be compliant with the City’s Compact Living Policy, which aims to increase options for housing in response to growing demand, promote sustainable development, encourage innovation and creative design solutions, and minimize potential traffic resulting from increased density. While there are no vehicular parking spaces associated with the project, there will be 30 bicycle parking spaces. There will also be a 1,360 square foot retail space, which will be clad in brick to directly relate to the surrounding commercial facades along Dorchester Avenue.

Newly-approved WBZ-TV Station Project will replace existing facility in Allston

Work: Retains 180 permanent jobs in Boston
Connect: Contribution to BPDA’s ongoing Allston-Brighton Mobility Study
Sustain: LEED Certifiable Silver

Once complete, the newly approved project will replace the operations at the existing WBZ-TV facility. The original facility was constructed in 1948, and this project will replace the existing facility with a modern building containing fewer square feet and a more compact footprint by demolishing the office building and structures located at 1200 Soldiers Field Road. The existing WBZ-TV Studio facility will remain in operation until the Project is complete, at which point WBZ-TV will transition its operations into the new building.

Allston Green (20 Linden Street) moves forward, demonstrating strong commitment to Allston’s artist community

Live: 349 residential units compliant with the City’s Compact Living Policy
Work: 200 construction jobs
Connect: Incorporates elements that demonstrate a strong commitment to Allston’s artist community
Sustain: Electric vehicle charging stations

The newly approved Allston Green project, located at 20 Linden Street in Allston, will construct three buildings of varying heights containing a combined 349 rental units. Of the total number of units, 53 units or 15 percent of total units will be income-restricted, a number that was increased as the result of a comprehensive community process. The project will fully comply with the Compact Living Guidelines, pursuant to the City of Boston’s pilot program.

The project incorporates a strong commitment to Allston’s artist community. There will be six artist live/work units with deep affordability clustered on the ground floor, adjacent to an artist coworking space and outdoor art spill-out work and display space. The project will also feature two murals - one seven-story mural and one four-story mural - as well as several outdoor seating elements which are expected to be commissioned to Allston-area artists.

Additionally, there will be two new Privately Owned Public Spaces: a courtyard and a Neighborhood Green that can be used for community programming. The project will also provide a total of 36 trees.

Residences at Readville Station yields 273 new housing units, including homeownership and rentals

Live: 273 residential units, including home-ownership and rental units
Work: Over 3,000 square feet of new local retail
Connect: Located in Readville area of Hyde Park, which was identified in Imagine Boston 2030, a community driven plan, as an expanded neighborhood

The Residences at Readville Station located at 1717-1725 Hyde Park Avenue constructs two residential buildings containing a total of 273 new housing units, 41 of which are income-restricted. There will be 151 home-ownership units in one building and 122 rental units, in the other building. The project also includes a below grade parking garage, a private park open to the public and ground floor retail space.

The proponent has committed to pedestrian and transportation improvements in the immediate area, including new sidewalks, curb setbacks and a traffic study in coordination with BPDA staff. The project will also contribute funds to support local parks in the neighborhood.

The project is located in Readville, which was identified in Imagine Boston 2030, the first city-wide plan in over fifty years, as an expanded neighborhood.

11 East Lenox Street in Roxbury will build 34 housing units, includes mural commissioned for local artists

Live: 34 residential units
Work: 250 construction jobs
Connect: At-grade, commissioned mural for local artists
Sustain: Aligns with City’s Climate Action Plan

11 East Lenox in Roxbury will build a seven-story, residential building totalling approximately 43,564 square feet. The project will contain 34 rental units, four of which are income-restricted. The building will also contain eight parking spaces, and up to 37 bicycle storage spaces. In alignment with the City of Boston’s Climate Action Plan, the project will be one of the first few mid-size multifamily buildings in Boston with columns, beams and floor assemblies constructed of cross-laminated timber.

Community benefits associated with the project include street trees along East Lenox Street, the commission of a rotating mural with an public RFP process, and contributions to a college scholarship fund for residents, after-school youth programming, and community center programming.

South Boston Innovation Campus (2 Harbor Street) will build a new building with lab, office and life sciences uses in the South Boston Waterfront

Work: 380,800 square feet of lab, office, and life sciences uses
Connect: 1 acre of publicly accessible open space
Sustain: LEED Gold Certified, located above expected 2070 flood elevation

Located at 2 Harbor Street, South Boston Innovation Campus will build a new, 10-story building totaling approximately 380,800 square feet and consisting of mainly laboratory, office, and/or research and development uses. The building program also includes a publicly accessible pedestrian plaza, below-grade and surface level parking spaces, and approximately 32,000 square feet of water-dependent industrial uses.

25 Fountain Street moves forward bringing 40 income-restricted homeownership units to Roxbury

Live: 40 income-restricted units
Work: 50 construction jobs
Connect: 40 bicycle storage spaces

25 Fountain Street will construct a four-story residential building that will contain 40 income-restricted homeownership units. The project will also have 41 off-street parking spaces, 40 bicycle parking spaces, and will contribute a number of improvements to the public realm and pedestrian experience.

Notices of Project Change

The Board also approved a Notice of Project Change (NPC) to the Kenmore Square Redevelopment Project that would revise the programming of the Beacon Building, located at 660 Beacon Street, to now include approximately 127,700 square feet of lab/research and development space. The NPC would also reduce the retail space in this building to approximately 8,560 square feet. The Kenmore Square Redevelopment project was originally approved by the BPDA in November 2018.

Additionally, the Board approved the Dock Square Garage NPC that would reduce the number of residential units from 209 to 125 and reduce the amount of ground floor retail/retail space by 2,500 square feet. Dock Square Garage was originally approved by the BPDA in June 2019.

The Board also approved the renovation and refurbishment of the Langham Hotel Boston, located at 250 Franklin Street.

This release was updated on December 22, 2020 to fix a previous error stating the incorrect number of residential units approved.

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