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The BPDA understands that governments have extraordinary buying power that can reduce the racial wealth gap through strategic procurement practices. The BPDA Equitable Procurement Plan seeks to not only address disparities in agency spending but also to establish the BPDA as an anchor institution for supplier diversity best practices and technical assistance for government contracting.

Needs Assessment

In 2022, the BPDA selected In Order Business Development Solutions and Calyptus Consulting Group to perform a needs assessment through a competitive RFP process. Through the collaboration with In Order, Calyptus, and the City of Boston, the BPDA serves as an anchor institution in the region's equitable procurement efforts.

This assessment sought to identify and address barriers that have prevented disadvantaged businesses from bidding on, winning, and managing public sector procurement projects.

The BPDA and the City of Boston also tasked the consultants with compiling a list of all technical service providers. Training and technical assistance programs can increase the level of participation and capacity of diverse suppliers in public procurement.

Technical Assistance Tool

The Technical Assistance Providers Tool helps businesses to find different types of technical assistance programs. It is a database intended to be used by anyone who owns, runs, or is involved in a business enterprise. As such, you should use this tool to address barriers your business faces. Whether your business is a start-up, developing, or established, all business enterprises face an array of barriers. These organizations provide technical assistance to help businesses grow and thrive in Greater Boston.

The BPDA’s Supplier Diversity team is available to provide assistance to any business seeking technical assistance in seeking government contracting.

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