Land Sq. Feet
89,627 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
63,000 sq ft
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Project Description
The existing WBZ-TV Studio facility located adjacent to the Project Site was constructed in 1948. The first TV studio in New England, it has operated continuously at this location for 75 years. Over the years, several additions to the facility resulted in a larger building with an inefficient layout, and a lack of infrastructure required to keep pace with advances in communications technology. The celebrated history of this WBZ-TV/CBS facility as a significant part of the culture and community has been a source of pride for the neighborhood for decades. The reporters, journalists, and TV personalities who work at the studio have benefited as well from the accessible location in the City for reporting. Unfortunately, in order to remain operational, the TV studio requires significant capital improvements each year well above the minimum amount of capital required to keep pace with ever-evolving technological demands. The need for a new energy-efficient building for the TV studio with a modern, efficient layout and accommodates state-of-the-practice technology is essential. The purpose of the Project is to construct such a facility on the Project Site. The existing WBZ-TV Studio facility will remain in operation until the Project is complete, at which point WBZ-TV will transition its operations into the new building . The Project as described herein will replace the existing WBZ-TVCBS facility. The scope includes the demolition of the existing office building and structures at 1200 Soldiers Field Road. The Public Benefits include a reduction of impacts as part of both the demolition of the existing office building at 1200 Soldiers Field Road, but also to replacement of the WBZ-TV/CBS facility through the implementation of a smaller, modern building with a more compact footprint. As such, the Project will help offset potential impacts associated with future development plans that may occur on the site of the existing facility.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete


Allston Large Project