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This is the website for the City of Boston’s new Planning Department, which launched on July 1. The staff and many responsibilities of the Boston Planning & Development Agency have moved to the Planning Department of the City of Boston including planning & zoning, urban design, development review, and real estate divisions. Please excuse any misalignment you may see on our site as we transition to the City. Learn more

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) is a quasi-judicial body of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor. The ZBA hears requests for conditional use permits, variances, permission to expand/change nonconforming uses, and similar zoning relief. The ZBA is managed by the Inspectional Services Department of the City of Boston.

The Planning Department interacts with the ZBA in two main ways. Planning staff create non-binding recommendations on ZBA applications, which are provided to the ZBA for their consideration. Recommendations to the ZBA can be found by ZBA hearing date below. In addition, the ZBA may require design review as a condition of zoning relief.

ZBA Project Tracker

The City's Inspectional Services Department has launched an online Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) project tracker, available here. The tracker is designed for anyone to be able to quickly search and identify the status of the appeal that has been submitted to the ZBA. To learn more, please visit:

Recommendations to the ZBA

July 2024

07/25/24 ZBA Hearing

07/16/24 ZBA Hearing

June 2024

06/25/24 ZBA Hearing

06/13/24 ZBA Hearing

06/4/24 ZBA Hearing

May 2024

05/21/24 ZBA Hearing

05/16/24 ZBA Hearing

05/07/24 ZBA Hearing

April 2024

04/30/24 ZBA Hearing

04/25/24 ZBA Hearing

04/09/24 ZBA Hearing

March 2024

03/26/24 ZBA Hearing

03/21/24 ZBA Hearing

03/12/24 ZBA Hearing

February 2024

02/27/24 ZBA Hearing

02/15/24 ZBA Hearing

02/06/24 ZBA Hearing

January 2024

01/23/24 ZBA Hearing

01/18/24 ZBA Hearing

01/09/24 ZBA Hearing

December 2023

12/12/23 ZBA Hearing

12/07/23 ZBA Hearing

12/05/23 ZBA Hearing

November 2023

11/28/23 ZBA Hearing

11/14/23 ZBA Hearing

11/09/23 ZBA Hearing

October 2023

10/31/23 ZBA Hearing

10/26/23 ZBA Hearing

10/17/23 ZBA Hearing

September 2023

09/26/23 ZBA Hearing

09/21/23 ZBA Hearing

09/12/23 ZBA Hearing

August 2023

08/29/23 ZBA Hearing

Quarterly Reports

These are quarterly reports offered by Planning staff to the BPDA Board that summarize and highlight the trends in the recommendations and ZBA Cases.

September-December 2023 ZBA Recs Memo

September-December 2023 ZBA Recs Presentation

July-September 2023 ZBA Recs Memo

July-September 2023 ZBA Recs Presentation