The Research Division strives to understand the current environment of the city to produce quality research and targeted information that will inform and benefit the residents and businesses of Boston.

Role in the Agency

The division compiles and analyzes current, historical, and comparative data on the city of Boston. The division conducts research on Boston's economy, population, and commercial markets for all divisions of the BPDA, the City of Boston, and related organizations.


The division is led by the Director of Research. Staff members have backgrounds in economics, sociology and public policy, and prior experience working with research institutes, colleges and universities, and community organizations. Staff areas of expertise and primary research topics include the following:

  • Neighborhood and city demographics  
  • The labor market, industries, jobs, and employers
  • Real estate and development 
  • Econometric modeling 
  • Economic development 
  • Populations of interest, such as the foreign born

For more information about research produced by the Boston Planning & Development Agency, please contact the Research Division.