Submit Data for an Existing Project

Developers are required to submit their data and materials through the Article 80 Developer Portal. As projects progress through the Article 80 process, developers can regularly access the portal to maintain and update their data.

A project manager reviews all data and materials upon developer submission and coordinates updates to the Article 80 database. Approved data updates are published on the project website, facilitating public participation in the Article 80 review process.

Request Pre-file for a New Project

To submit a project concept to the BPDA and initiate the pre-file process, Developers must create a new project page through the Development Portal. If you are part of a Development Team and need to create an account, please Request an Account.

Thresholds for Large and Small Project Review

Projects must meet the following thresholds to receive a project manager assignment and undergo Article 80 Large or Small Project Review.

Large Project Review

  • New construction exceeding 50,000 square feet; and/or
  • A change of use without significant new construction exceeding 50,000/100,000 square feet.*
  • Large Project Review may also apply to the substantial rehabilitation of an existing building ≥ 100,000 square feet.

*100,000 square feet in the Downtown neighborhood.

Learn more about Large Project Review.

Small Project Review

  • ≥ 15 units
  • New construction ≥ 20,000 to < 50,000 ft²
  • New construction in Downtown* (Article 80B) < 100,000 ft²

*In the Downtown neighborhood.

Learn more about Small Project Review.

On June 8, 2023, the BPDA launched a new developer portal. If you have any questions, please reach out to your assigned project manager or email [email protected].