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This is the website for the City of Boston’s new Planning Department, which launched on July 1. The staff and many responsibilities of the Boston Planning & Development Agency have moved to the Planning Department of the City of Boston including planning & zoning, urban design, development review, and real estate divisions. Please excuse any misalignment you may see on our site as we transition to the City. Learn more

Community Engagement Managers

Kenya Beaman

Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale Neighborhoods

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Kenya Beaman is the community engagement manager for Mattapan, Hyde Park, and Roslindale. She is a lifelong resident of Mattapan and since her childhood has advocated for her community. She has worked for the City of Boston since 2015, but has spent the past two and a half years at the BPDA.

Christine Brandao

Allston, Back Bay, Brighton, Chinatown, Dorchester, Downtown Neighborhoods

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Christine Brandao is the community engagement manager for Allston, Back Bay, Brighton, Chinatown, North Dorchester, Downtown. She is a lifelong resident of Dorchester and currently lives in the Savin Hill neighborhood. Christine has worked for the City of Boston Parks Department as an Outreach Coordinator, and before that was the City of Boston liaison for Mid-Dorchester and the Cape Verdean Community.

Jonil Casado

All Neighborhoods Neighborhoods

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Jonil is a community engagement manager focused on engaging the Spanish-speaking communities across Boston. He works to facilitate culturally sensitive conversations and ensures that Latinx groups are meaningfully included in the process of planning and building an equitable city. As the son of Dominican immigrants, he cares about ensuring everyone, regardless of the language they speak, can take part in the City's planning and development efforts.

Kristiana Lachiusa

All Neighborhoods Neighborhoods

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Kristiana is the Deputy Director of Community Engagement. She works with all the community engagement managers, staff across the agency, and community members to support furthering the BPDA's community engagement efforts. Specifically, her work supports creating new methods for engagement that are inclusive and bring in the voices and experiences of people who have historically not been included. With a background in public health and transportation advocacy, Kristiana thinks deeply about the interconnection between place, movement and how these impact our health and sense of community.

Naoise McDonnell

Dorchester, Fenway, Roxbury, South Boston, South End, West Roxbury Neighborhoods

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Naoise is a community engagement manager currently focused on the neighborhoods of South Dorchester, Fenway, Newmarket, South End, and West Roxbury. He works to facilitate culturally-sensitive conversation and understanding between community residents and staff and processes across the Agency. Born and raised in Boston and a product of BPS, Naoise advocates with the belief that empowering people, in true partnership, is the best path towards more equitable and resilient communities for all.

Mark McGonagle

Beacon Hill, Jamaica Plain, Longwood Medical Area, Mission Hill, Roxbury, South Boston Neighborhoods

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Mark McGonagle is Deputy Director of Community Engagement and also the community engagement manager for Beacon Hill and South Boston. Mark is a lifelong resident of Boston and lives in the Ashmont area of Dorchester with his wife and two children. Mark has been with the BPDA for seven years and previously worked in youth development and at the Boston City Council.

Jason Ruggiero

Charlestown, East Boston, North End, West End Neighborhoods

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Jason Ruggiero is the community engagement manager for Charlestown, East Boston, the North End, and the West End. He is a lifelong resident of East Boston.