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BPDA Board approves 717 new residential units, including 118 income-restricted units

Mar 15, 2019

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board of Directors approved development projects in neighborhoods across the City of Boston which will result in hundreds of market-rate and income-restricted residential units, economic development, and jobs. Overall, the new projects will create 717 residential units, including 118 income-restricted, 774 construction jobs, 41 direct jobs, and 413 indirect and induced jobs.

The residential projects moving forward make progress towards Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s goal of increasing affordable housing to support a strong middle-class. Mayor Walsh’s 2019 legislative agenda aims to support the creation of new affordable housing, increase access to homeownership opportunities, and prevent displacement of residents.

In addition to the new projects, the Hood Park Master Plan Notice of Public Change was approved, which will add approximately 566,000 square feet, for a total of 1,735,800 square feet of gross floor area spread among numerous existing and future buildings at the Charlestown campus. The project will create 2.88 acres of public open space. Each building within the Master Plan will be required to receive BPDA Board approval before moving forward. At the March meeting, the building at 10 Stack Street was approved, which will bring 350,000 square feet of office and lab street. This follows recent approvals of projects under the Master Plan at 100 Hood Park Drive and 480 Rutherford Avenue. The updated project will contribute $150,000 for a BPDA-led planning effort along the Rutherford Avenue Corridor, which is expected to launch in 2020.

New Development Projects

400 West Broadway to bring 36 residential units, including 5 income-restricted, and pedestrian and playground investments to South Boston

Live: 36 residential units, 5 income-restricted
Work: 55 construction jobs, retail/commercial space job opportunities
Connect: $40,000 to support transportation infrastructure and parks

400 West Broadway will construct a five-story, mixed-use building totaling 43,210 square feet. The building will contain 36 rental units including five income-restricted units, and a 4,095 square foot commercial retail space. There will be 34 on-site/off-street garage parking spaces at-grade and basement level with vehicular access via Athens Street. Bicycle storage and a trash/recycling room will be located within the basement level of the building.

The project will contribute $20,000 to support improvements to the West Broadway/East Broadway/Dorchester Street intersection, that may be used for pedestrian beacons, crosswalk enhancements, and other improvements to enhance pedestrian safety. In addition, the project will contribute $20,000 to fund improvements at South Boston’s Buckley Playground.

11 Dana Avenue to bring transit-oriented housing development, commercial space to Hyde Park

Live: 24 transit-oriented residential units
Work: 50 construction jobs, new commercial space
Connect: $30,000 to support transportation infrastructure and parks

11 Dana Avenue, located at the southern section of Cleary Square between Hyde Park Avenue and Folsom Street, will construct a four-story, mixed-use building totaling approximately 28,644 square feet. The building will contain 24 rental units and approximately 300 square feet of commercial space. In addition, there will be 24 garage parking spaces. A trash/recycling room and 39 bicycle parking spaces will be located within the building.

The Project Site is located within walking distance to the Hyde Park and Fairmount commuter rail stops, and is served by multiple MBTA bus lines.

The project is zoning compliant, therefore is not required to comply with the Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP). As part of his 2019 Legislative Agenda, Mayor Walsh has proposed strengthening IDP in order to capture affordable housing units and funding from projects which are zoning compliant.

The Aileron to bring 28 income-restricted units to former BPDA-owned vacant parcel in East Boston

Live: 40 residential units, including 28 income-restricted
Work: 50 construction jobs
Connect: Artist studios, work bar and gallery for residents and community members

The Aileron, located on approximately 26,250 square feet of vacant land, on 131-151 Condor Street in the Eagle Hill section of East Boston will construct an approximately 49,750 square foot mixed-use, mixed-income development that includes two buildings with a total of forty residential units, artist studios, a work bar/gallery, community studio space, a workshop, 35 off-street vehicle parking spaces, and at least 40 on-site bicycle storage spaces. Twenty-eight of the units will be income-restricted.

The vacant land was previously owned by the Boston Planning & Development Agency, and was transferred to the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) in 2017 for disposition in support of affordable housing. Last month, Mayor Walsh announced that the project has received Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding to support affordable housing.

197-201 Green Street to create 23 residential units, 4 income-restricted artist live/work units near Green Street T stop in Jamaica Plain

Live: 23 residential units, 4 income-restricted artist live/work units
Work: 40 construction jobs, 5 permanent jobs
Connect: Transit-oriented development with street-level commercial space

197-201 Green Street will construct a new four-story residential building totaling approximately 20,480 gross square feet with 23 residential rental units, approximately 720 square feet of ground floor retail space with at-grade parking for approximately six vehicles, and storage for 22 bicycles.

The project is within the PLAN: JP/ROX corridor, and triggers density bonus requirements. Four units within the project will be income-restricted, one of which will be made affordable to households earning not more than 50 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI), and three will be made affordable to households earning not more than 70 percent of AMI. All four IDP units are to be built out as artist live/work units.

Avalon Brighton to bring 228 rental and homeownership units, including 34 income-restricted and pedestrian improvements to Washington Street in Brighton

Live: 228 rental and homeownership units, 34 income-restricted
Work: 15 permanent jobs, 250 construction jobs
Connect: Blue bike station, improved pedestrian connection

Avalon Brighton, located at 139-149 Washington Street in Brighton between Monastery Road and Fidelis Way, will transform two substantially vacant buildings into two new residential buildings connected by an access road.

The two building sites will contain a total of 228 residential units, with 34 units income-restricted. One building will include 180 rental units, and one will include 48 homeownership units. The project will enhance the streetscape by increasing the setback from Washington Street, which will provide a unique opportunity to welcome pedestrians into the project and improve connections for members of the community. Pedestrian connections on all sides of the project will be improved by reconnecting to Washington Street, Fidelis Way and Monastery Path with upgraded public improvements.

Frankfort + Gove Street Housing Project to renovate former Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in East Boston

Live: 112 residential units, 14 income-restricted
Work: 124 construction jobs
Connect: 108 bike storage spaces, located in proximity to Maverick MBTA station

Located on four parcels of land on Frankfort and Gove Streets, the project will collectively comprise approximately 49,125 square feet in East Boston. The site is currently occupied by a vacant convent building, vacant lot, the closed Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church and an attached rectory building.

The project will create a total of 112 residential units, including 14 income-restricted units. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church will be will be renovated and converted into a residential structure with 14 homeownership units.

The approximately 115,000 square foot residential development will include 84 off-street vehicle parking spaces, storage space for approximately 135 bicycles, and open space, landscaping, and other public realm improvements.

Parkway Apartments to bring 254 residential units, including 33 income-restricted, on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury

Live: 254 residential units, including 33 income-restricted
Work: Over 300 construction jobs
Connect: Fully electric, in effort to achieve carbon neutrality

Parkway Apartments will construct two detached, four-story buildings with a total of 254 residential units at 1545 VFW Parkway in West Roxbury. Thirty-three of the units will be income-restricted.

The project will include 387 garage parking spaces in a five-level internal parking garage, along with an outdoor pool, and ample open space.

The project will bring public realm improvements including sidewalk widening and repair, elimination of a blighted building and transportation/bike improvements as well as contributions totaling $363,000 for the Boston Trailer Park Tenants’ Association, and other various community organizations.

The project will be fully electric, in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality, in response to calls from the community.

Restoration of Alexandra Hotel moves forward on corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Washington Street

Live: Over 150 hotel rooms, rooftop lounge open to the public
Work: 75 permanent jobs, 275 construction jobs, co-op program with Madison Park Technical High School
Connect: Transit screen at Mass Ave and Washington Street, Silver Line stop and sidewalk improvements

Completed in 1875, the Alexandra Hotel building is one of the few remaining historic structures along Washington Street in the blocks immediately west of Massachusetts Avenue. With the exception of a beauty supply store on the ground floor, the building has been vacant for many years and has suffered from a lack of maintenance and internal fire damage. The renovation of the historic Alexandra Hotel will retain and restore the facade of the existing building and will recreate and/or refurbish the original design elements. Behind the facade, a new 150 room, twelve-story hotel will be constructed.

The hotel will work with Madison Park Technical High School to coordinate a co-op program with students for construction co-ops, hotel workers and restaurant staff. The hotel amenities will be open to the public. The hotel has also agreed to install indoor bike racks for employees, and will subsidize MBTA Charlie Cards for employees and provide complimentary Charlie Cards to guests. The project will not include on-site parking, but will make improvements to the Silver Line stop and surrounding public realm.

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