139-149 Washington Street

Land Sq. Feet
145,764 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
269,381 sq ft
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Project Description
The original proposal approved in 2019 included two new residential buildings: the first building with approximately 180 rental units and the second building with approximately 48 for-sale units, both with a mix of studio, one-bedroom and three-bedroom units and including approximately 228 parking spaces. A Notice of Project Change (“NPC”) approved in 2021 in connection with 143 Washington Street (A.K.A. Building 2) increased the total number of homeownership units from 48 to 55 with a unit mix consisting of (18) one-bedrooms, (29) two-bedrooms and (8) three-bedrooms. As part of the 55 units, the number of IDP affordable homeownership units was increased from seven (7) to eight (8), an increase to 15% affordable commitment, which exceeds the City’s IDP requirements. The NPC retained the previously approved PDA dimensional; height, number of stories and floor-area-ratio limitations on a site-wide basis and retained the previously approved location, extent and configuration of the building's ground floor footprint. The project will have a total of 55 parking spaces dedicated to the condominium building to retain a ratio of one parking space per dwelling, consistent with the PDA.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete


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