Roxbury Strategic Master Plan


The Roxbury Strategic Master Plan, is a strategic planning agenda that will provide a framework to guide change and economic growth for the next ten to twenty years in Roxbury. The plan seeks to provide a high quality physical environment that is attractive, safe, and convenient for residents and visitors. It is a plan that values education and job readiness at all levels and that gives residents choices in how they participate in the civic, cultural, and economic life of the community. The plan encourages businesses that are environmentally sensitive to public health, conserve resources, and put the concept of environmental justice into practice.

The theme that emerged from the public process is the commitment to build upon the area’s many assets to develop a strong and united Roxbury at “the Heart of the City.” Roxbury is poised to enhance the quality of life of its residents by sharing in the educational, cultural, natural resources and infrastructure of the City, and connecting to the economic success of the metropolitan Boston area.

The Strategic Master Plan will provide structure and guidance to current and future development efforts in this neighborhood. It includes achievable standards and specific short- and long-term implementation strategies which will facilitate the development of thriving commercial centers, provide for a wide variety of housing types, foster continued diversity in its resident population, support an efficient and effective transportation network resulting in an affordable and decent quality of life.

The specific details of the plan have been shaped in a series of focus group meetings, Community Working Group meetings and neighborhood-wide public workshops attended by residents, representatives from community organizations, area institutions, city agencies, and elected officials. The plan reflects a synthesis and prioritization of issues, objectives and strategies expressed by the participants of the workshops combined with the analysis of existing conditions and trends affecting the region and the neighborhood.

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