Procurement at the BPDA

Buying Plan

The BPDA is strongly committed to creating opportunities for M/WBEs to access government contracts. To aid in that, the BPDA has hired a Vendor and Supplier Diversity Specialist to focus on outreach to M/WBEs, and have also increased our notifications to the public when there is an open RFP, RFQ, etc. The BPDA Buying Plan is a list of contract opportunities expected to be released in the next two years, or 24 months. The forecast is intended to help businesses prepare for upcoming opportunities, raise awareness about opportunities, and help increase transparency into BPDA spending.

Contract opportunities are grouped by contract type which include:
Consulting for Design and Engineering
Public Works/Horizontal Construction
Vertical and Building Construction
SaaS - Software as a Service
Goods and Services
The list includes the following information about each project:
Tentative Release Date
Procurement Type
Procurement Law
Contract Type
Maximum Term/Length
Award Range
DCAMM Requirement (Y/N)
Additional bonding requirements (Y/N)
Description of the opportunity
Includes anticipated purchase from various BPDA departments:
Real Estate
Management and Information System (MIS) Department
The BPDA encourages interested parties to:
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Review previous opportunities at BPDA Procurement
Contact Us at [email protected]

Additional Information 
This plan includes projects that will be sourced through State contracts and other cooperative platforms. Including these projects helps to create a complete picture of the BPDA’s Buying Plan.