Executive Director/Secretary's Office Mission

The Executive Director/Secretary’s Office manages the process by which the BPDA Board reviews development proposals and makes ultimate decisions regarding them. The office ensures smooth transmittal of information between Board members, project proponents, the public, and agency staff.

Role at the Agency

The Executive Director/Secretary’s Office is responsible for several distinct tasks. The office provides direction to BPDA staff regarding preparation of memoranda that are necessary for each decision by the Board. The office provides substantive material and information to individual board members, enabling each to make informed decisions at formal BPDA proceedings. The office establishes the agenda for each formal BPDA Board meeting, and it administers the process by which BPDA Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”) are issued. The office also serves as the custodian of agency records, including the minutes and decisions of formal board proceedings, and responds to requests for public documents.


The Executive Secretary acts as the Executive Director of the BPDA and Secretary to the BPDA Board. Within the organization, the Executive Director/Secretary’s Office is accountable solely to the Chairman and members of the Board. For more information, please contact Brigitte Martin, Board Governance & Operation Specialist. To make a request relating to agency records and public documents, please fill out the Public Records Request form.