PLEASE NOTE: The former Compliance Staff at the BPDA is currently transitioning to working under the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) as the Inclusionary Housing Compliance staff. The income-restricted housing process is being fully taken over by MOH this year.

As of January 29, we are changing how the City works with developers and housing seekers to lease up housing created through the City’s Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP). We are taking steps to make the process simpler, easier to understand, and more transparent.

The following is a summary of what is changing on January 29, 2024.

We have published a series of Training materials summarizing these changes and overviewing new tools that have been piloted as part of these changes.

  1. Training 1: 2024 IDP Rental Compliance Changes and Affidavit
    1. Summarized all changes being made on January 29th and summarizes policies in the new Rental Affidavit
    2. Materials and recording can be found here
  2. Training 2: Mandatory Eligibility Verification Tool
    1. Showcases how to use the new Mandatory Eligibility Verification Tool using an example case
    2. Materials and recording can be found here
  3. Training 3: Application Submission, Recertification, Ongoing Compliance, and Special Cases
    1. Demonstrates new certification application submission process and discusses recertification policies and timeline
    2. Materials and recording can be found here

Learn more about the Inclusionary Development Policy