Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) is responsible for supporting the Director and Leadership Team by leading diversity and inclusion management within the BPDA. The ODEI will focus on five pillars of diversity and inclusion management: Workforce Diversity, Supplier Diversity, Community Engagement and Language Access. Commitment and Communication are necessary for building a more equitable city for all, especially Boston’s black communities and communities of color.

Supplier Diversity Mission

To ensure that the agency sources goods and services, in all commodity categories, from diverse suppliers, with a focus on expanding the number and capacity of certified diverse suppliers and expand the variety of goods and services offered by those diverse suppliers. This mission will include developing policies to enhance inclusion and utilization efforts within the procurement and development and planning and real estate process. Learn more about the Equitable Procurement Plan

Workforce Diversity Mission

To reflect the diversity of the citizens that make up the population of the City of Boston. Strive to develop the Workforce of BPDA with a strategic focus on recruiting, retaining, and promoting the best diverse talent available, and apply new and innovative approaches to attracting and retaining talent that will help ensure that diversity and inclusion is an integral part of the BPDA employment process.

Community Engagement Mission

Use targeted meeting strategies, based on community-specific needs that may include in-person meetings in the community or alternative meeting strategies such as telephone town halls or virtual meetings, that will engage community members whose voices have not been heard or whose input has been marginalized, as well as those experiencing mobility challenges, limitations on availability due to family or work responsibilities, literacy challenges, or language barriers. For in-person meetings, select venues and settings that foster communication.

DEI in Policies and Process

Incorporating principles and practices of DEI in all facets of the agency. Data-driven, accountability to including developing indicators and performance measures. To develop equity in the community and develop the broad range of strategies required to address those most impacted to improve lives.

Language Access

The Office of Language and Communications Access works to ensure that people can access the information and city services they need.

Financing Available for Small Businesses

In cooperation with the BPDA's Financial Services department, the Boston Local Development Corporation (BLDC) works to increase employment opportunities for Boston residents by providing small business loans with a focus on commercial, industrial and service companies. Learn more about the BLDC and the support that is available to small businesses located in the City of Boston.