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The BPDA seeks to engage the business community for a variety of goods and services. Whether through Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), general solicitations for quotes, or Invitation for Bids, the BPDA seeks to promote fairness, access, and transparency in all procurement activities. Learn more about the BPDA's Equitable Procurement and view the Buying Plan for a list of contract opportunities expected to be released in the next two years.

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SFQStandard Fencing 2023 SFQAwarded$ 22245 R.A.D. Corps d/b/a R.A.D. Sports04/03/2023 15:0004/14/2023 17:00$ 49995
SFQOrnamental Fence and Welding 2023 SFQAwarded$ 28976 Boston Forging & Welding Corp. 04/03/2023 15:0004/14/2023 17:00$ 49995
SFQMaintenance of Generators at 12 Channel and 22 Drydock Avenue at the Raymond L. Flynn Marine ParkClosed   01/23/2023 09:0002/06/2023 12:00$ 45000
SFQMaintenance of Generators 2022-2024Closed   11/15/2022 12:0011/29/2022 09:00 
SFQSFQ for consulting services for FEMA FY2021 HMGP (FEMA-4496-DR-MA) Grant Application Technical AssistanceAwarded   06/28/2022 00:0007/22/2022 12:00 
SFQRevised SFQ - Consulting Services for Grant Application Technical AssistanceAwarded$ 26425 AECOM TECHNICAL SERVICES, INC10/13/2021 09:0010/20/2021 17:00$ 30000
SFQSFQ - Pier 10 Timber Boardwalk RepairsAwarded$ 58000 Coastal Marine Construction10/20/2021 09:0011/10/2021 16:00$ 49900
SFQSFQ - Pier 10 Wall Undermining Repair Awarded$ 48530 Coastal Marine Construction10/18/2021 09:0011/10/2021 16:00 
SFQConsulting Services for Grant Application Technical AssistanceClosed   09/30/2021 09:0010/12/2021 12:00$ 26425
SFQFIRE DAMAGE REPAIRS AT THE CHINA TRADE BUILDINGAwarded$ 59048 One Way Development, Inc.04/29/2021 15:0005/26/2021 23:00$ 38000
SFQChina Trade 5th Floor Lighting Improvements Solicitation for Written QuotesAwarded$ 24000 Brothers Electrical Corp09/23/2020 09:0010/15/2020 12:00 
SFQOrnamental Fence and Welding Services for BRA Owned Properties Solicitation for Written Quotes ("SFQ")Awarded$ 15500 Boston Forging and Welding, Corp12/18/2019 10:0001/22/2020 12:00 
SFQStandard Fence Services for BRA Owned Properties Solicitation for Written Quotes ("SFQ")Awarded$ 15500 R.A.D. Corpd/b/aRAD Sports12/18/2019 09:0001/22/2020 13:00 
SFQArborist Services BRA Owned Properties Solicitation for Written Quotes ("SFQ")Rejected   12/11/2019 09:0001/17/2020 12:00