Government Center Garage Redevelopment

Land Sq. Feet
176,549 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
1,012,000 sq ft
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Project Description
The residential tower, (WP-B1),with an estimated $209,000,000 construction cost,will be approximately 547,940-square foot building that will introduce 486 residential units (apartments) with resident amenities for approximately 546,640-square feet, and will include approximately 1,300-square feet of ground floor retail on New Sudbury Street. Since the PDA approval, WP-B1 has been refined as follows: the shape/varied massing was adjusted, a slight increase in gross square footage and residential units: (approximately 4,600 square feet), and approximately 22 additional residential units, respectively. The office tower (WP-B2), with an estimated $327,000,000 construction cost, will be approximately 1,012,000 gross square feet that will introduce approximately 1,001,200 square feet of office space, as well as 10,800 square feet of retail space on New Chardon Street. As part of the approval of the PDA, the height of the WP-B2 was lowered by 72 feet to 528 feet, which is a 12 percent reduction in height. The overall development program was reduced by 122,800 gross square feet of office uses. In addition, approximately 30,000 gross square feet of office space was shifted to residential space, which helped lower the induced traffic associated with the full build-out. The construction phasing plan was changed by moving up the demolition of the Garage from Phase 3A to Phase 2A, with the goal of realizing the key public benefit of the removal of the existing garage structure over Congress Street sooner. The Garage is also required to be demolished before WP-B2 can be occupied. The HYM Investment Group, LLC, on behalf of Bulfinch Unit A Owner LLC (referred to herein as the “Proponent”), presents the third phase of the redevelopment of the Government Center Garage, now known as the “Bulfinch Crossing Project”. The Bulfinch Crossing Project is now planned to have four phases: West Parcel Building 1 (WP-B1) as the first phase, West Parcel Building 2 (WP-B2) as the second phase, the East Parcel Building, which is being analyzed in this document, as the third phase, and the West Parcel Building 3 (WP-B3) as the fourth phase. The Bulfinch Crossing Project also includes a major civic undertaking: the demolition of over 60% of the existing Government Center Garage (the “Garage”), which will daylight this area for the first time in over 60 years. This filing details a re-imagined building program and public realm for the eastern portion of the redevelopment project, consisting of a new life sciences building with ground floor active uses, a new pedestrian plaza, and public transit upgrades (the “Proposed Project”). The Proposed Project plays a critical role in the goal toward redeveloping the parcel east of Merrimac / Congress Street (referred to herein as Congress Street)1 between New Chardon Street and New Sudbury Street (the “East Parcel Project Site”), as shown on Figures 1.2 and 1.4. Upon the demolition of the portion of the Garage currently located on the East Parcel and spanning Congress Street (which demolition is currently being implemented as part of Phase 2 of the approved Bulfinch Crossing Project), the East Parcel Project Site will open the view corridor along Congress Street. Removal of the Garage creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for redevelopment of the East Parcel Project Site into a dynamic and vibrant development, including a new public plaza with active ground floor uses and a re -designed public transit hub.

Project Phase

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