Projects-Project-Phase-Dots-02-(2).pngLetter of Intent

The first document filed by a project proponent with the BPDA during the Article 80 process. The letter must provide details about the proposed project including the location, general description, use, size, potential zoning relief, and any other relevant information regarding the project. The Letter of Intent also triggers the nomination process for the formation of an Impact Advisory Group (IAG). 

Under Review

BPDA Project Managers assist developers in navigating the Article 80 process. Public input is encouraged throughout a project's review timeline. 

Board Approved

Following extensive public review, BPDA Staff will recommend a project to the BPDA Board for approval. Board approval is required before a developer can secure building permits and break ground.

Under Construction

Developer has begun development on said project.

Construction Complete

Project is officially developed and considered 'complete'.