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ONEin3 Spotlight: HourlyNerd

Jul 24, 2014

HourlyNerd-Rob.JPGOriginally from Chappaqua, New York, Rob Biederman co-founded HourlyNerd while in business school to help small companies obtain access to the same great consulting and financial services that large businesses have.

HourlyNerd connects businesses with top MBA alumni and occasionally a few MBA students for flexible, low-cost consulting and financial advisory at rates much cheaper than other major consulting companies.

What started as a class project while at Harvard, HourlyNerd has already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in venture funding, secured partnerships with companies like Microsoft, and supported hundreds of businesses in only one year since its founding on February 5, 2013.

Rob and his co-founders chose to grow HourlyNerd in Boston because they felt it only made sense to grow a company in such a great and fun city where they already had an established presence and many connections. Plus familial roots in Dorchester, only gave yet another reason to stay in Boston.

To this day HourlyNerd is still working tirelessly on generating more customer demand. Rob has come a long way from selling Lacoste polos in college and he still dreams of one day designing his own house. Ultimately, HourlyNerd wants to even the playing field by connecting small companies with the resources they need to grow and succeed at an affordable price.

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