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This is the website for the City of Boston’s new Planning Department, which launched on July 1. The staff and many responsibilities of the Boston Planning & Development Agency have moved to the Planning Department of the City of Boston including planning & zoning, urban design, development review, and real estate divisions. Please excuse any misalignment you may see on our site as we transition to the City. Learn more

In 2002 the BRA undertook the development of a Municipal Harbor Plan for the Downtown side of the Fort Point Channel, an area comprising of seven parcels of land including the watersheet of the Fort Point Channel. The BRA followed a phased approach for the planning area, with Phase I of the MHP specific to the property at 500 Atlantic Avenue which had an advanced design and public review process due to construction of a Central Artery Tunnel Project vent building and MBTA Silver Line infrastructure associated with the property. Phase II of the MHP addressed the development program for Atlantic Wharf (formerly Russia Wharf) with a future MHP amendment anticipated for the remainder of the parcels within the planning area. Both phases function to implement the Fort Point Channel Watersheet Activation Plan (2002) and accommodate building height, massing and setbacks with significant public amenities including new waterfront plazas, Harborwalk, docks for vessels, and signature Facilities of Public Accommodation such as the Boston Society of Architects space at Atlantic Wharf.

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