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BRA Board Moves Development Projects Forward at July 10 Meeting

Jul 11, 2014

Last night the BRA Board approved several projects throughout Boston. The four approved development projects represent over $40 million worth of investment in the City and 285,000 square feet of development. When these projects break ground, they will put over 120 tradespeople to work.

The Innovation and Design Building Creates Commercial Space in Boston Marine Industrial Park

Total Project Cost: $15,500,000IDB-Article-80-Supplemental-Submission-1-20140618-(1)_web.bmp
Total SF: 206,388
Construction Jobs: 47

The BRA Board approved the conversion or reclassification of 206,388 square feet of interior space at the Boston Marine Industrial Park for commercial use. The project, referred to as the Innovation and Design Building (IDB), is located at 21, 23, and 25 Drydock Avenue and 1 Design Center Place and will partially renovate an existing eight-story industrial building.

The newly reclassified space will ratify 91,474 square feet of existing commercial space, create new office space within the existing building, and convert 50,000 square feet to retail or restaurant use. In addition, the IDB project will include measures to improve the energy efficiency and overall environmental sustainability of the building.

Jamestown is the project developer.

Prudential Center Renovation Adds Flagship Retail Space to Iconic Shopping Area

Total Project Cost: $10,500,000
Total SF: 16,343
Construction Jobs: 32

The BRA Board approved a flagship retail renovation at Prudential Center along the Boylston Arcade. When completed, the renovation plan will create approximately 16,343 square feet of additional retail floor area, including upper level restaurant and retail shop space.

Community benefits from the expansion include $136,300 in linkage funds for the creation of affordable housing, and $27,292 for job creation. Boston Properties, the project proponent, will also contribute $24,515 to the Prudential Center Community Benefit Fund administered by the BRA.

170 West Broadway Creates Homeownership Opportunities and Commercial Space in South Boston

Total Project Cost: $10,000,000170-West-Broadway_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 46,194
Construction Jobs: 30

The BRA Board approved the development of 170 West Broadway in South Boston. The approved project will replace the former Liberty Bell Roast Beef Restaurant with a new, five-story, mixed use building. The project will create 33 condominium units, four of which will be affordable, and 4,283 square feet of ground floor commercial space. 39 parking spaces will be included on-site.

170 West Broadway, LLC is the project developer, and O’Sullivan Architect, Inc. is the architect.

Rutherford Landing Project Brings Transit-Oriented Housing to Charlestown

Total Project Cost: $4,000,000Rutherford-Landing_FOR-WEB-(1).jpg
Total SF: 16,158
Construction Jobs: 12

The BRA Board approved the development of Rutherford Landing, located at 463 Rutherford Avenue. Rutherford Landing will replace a dilapidated, three-story building with a four-story residential building. The development is two blocks south of Sullivan Station, and will offer residents close access to MBTA buses and the Orange Line.

The project will create 15 residential units, two of which will be affordable. Twenty-six parking spaces will be created on-site, and a common roof deck will serve all residents.

The project team includes 463 Rutherford Ave, LLC as the project developer and Neshamkin French Architects, Inc. as the project architect. Construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2014.

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