At a Glance

Scattered to the south and east of the city, the Boston Harbor Islands are composed of 34 islands and peninsulas totaling over 50 square miles of land, with the islands ranging in size from less than an acre to 214 acres.  Notable historic sites include the Civil War-era Fort Warren on Georges Island and Boston Light on Little Brewster Island, the oldest lighthouse in the United States.  

Most islands are easily accessed by public ferry or private boat and includes a wide variety of recreational activities. Some activities and amenities include hiking trails, campgrounds, beaches, and picnic areas.  Both residents and visitors enjoy the islands as a break from Boston's summer heat. Numerous programs are offered from June to August, ranging from nature walks, to old-time baseball, to concerts, to art installations. 

In 1996, the Boston Harbor Islands were established as a National Recreation Area. They are managed by the National Park Service and owned by state and municipal agencies. The islands offer a popular setting for private events during the summer including weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and reunions.

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