Navy Yard Master Plan Implementation



Charlestown Naval Shipyard Comprehensive Update For Historic Monument Area

Cumulative Biennial Report

The Report affirms the 1990 vision for the Navy Yard and includes the double interpretive loop concept, that became the foundation for 2007’s Waterfront Activation Plan.

"The success of the Program of Preservation and Utilization is evident when one visits the Navy Yard and enjoys its rich architectural heritage. What is less tangible and of primary importance, is the impact such a rebirth has on a neighborhood, a city, and a region. Investment in the physical realm and commensurate investment in the community build a human foundation for future prosperity: investments in education, in research laboratories, in health care, in housing, in cultural and recreational facilities, in young companies, and in young families. That such a quality redevelopment has been attained through the implementation of the Program of Preservation is testimony to the care and vision of the Federal, State, and local authorities who crafted and continue to carryout the Plan."

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