Navy Yard Master Plan Implementation



Boston Naval Shipyard Charlestown Planning & Development Program

Following the 1973 study that contemplated alternatives including reuse as a ship repair facility, warehousing, and redevelopment, a range of options were considered that included no public investment outside of the National Parks Service Area; allowing buildings to deteriorate; and a city-led effort to create a mixed-use neighborhood. The latter was chosen, and this 1975 document was the first comprehensive planning and land use study to detail the redevelopment of the Navy Yard to include preservation of historic assets, adaptive reuse of existing structures, new construction, and creation of new public open spaces.

The study notes the historic link to the larger neighborhood and its residents stating, “The Charlestown community has always maintained an active interest in the Boston Naval Shipyard. Local residents worked at the yard and maintained various commercial services that relied on the existence of the shipyard.” The plan also emphasizes public participation from the surrounding neighborhood, noting “the community has been continually involved through the Charlestown Base Conversion Advisory Committee.”

The plan stresses the importance of the waterfront as a public asset, for varied uses: “In Charlestown particularly, reuse should be geared toward taking full advantage of an historic waterfront site. Housing, tourism and recreation as well as manufacturing development should be oriented to the waterfront.”

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