The Inclusionary Development Policy (the “IDP”), first created in 2000, requires that market-rate housing developments with ten or more units and in need of zoning relief support the creation of income restricted housing through:

  • Inclusion of income restricted units within their building (typically 13% of a development’s units);
  • Creation of income restricted units at a location near their building; and or
  • Contributing to the Inclusionary Development Policy Fund. These funds are used by the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development (“DND”) to fund the creation of affordable/income restricted housing across Boston.

Over the life of the program, developers have directly created 2,599 income restricted units, and IDP funds have created 1,414 income restricted units.

The IDP relies on private developers. When private development of housing stops, as it did in the last recession, few units are created through the IDP. For this reason, the City sets IDP requirements at a level that will assure the creation of income restricted units, without discouraging developers from building the market rate housing that Boston also needs.  

The 2019 Update

The IDP was last updated in December 2015. A financial feasibility study was completed, and housing advocates, non-profits housing agencies, and private housing developers, provided valuable input not just on how much we should require of developers, but how the program should be implemented.

The 2019 update will follow a similar process but we are also seeking general input from the public through this web site and through a series of community meetings. Below, you will find links to documents that provide more detail on the IDP, a form for providing your comments, and notifications of community meetings (as they are scheduled).

Inclusionary Development Policy Information and Documents

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