Director's Office Mission

The Director’s Office oversees all facets of the agency to make certain that the City of Boston’s planning objectives and economic development strategies are achieved. Through the prioritization of  these objectives and strategies, this office ensures that businesses and developers continue to invest in the City of Boston, which results in more jobs and housing for the citizens of Boston.

Role at the Agency

The Director’s Office works with all departments within the agency to identify and execute priority initiatives, new policies, as well as to create innovative planning and economic development strategies.   The office collaborates with cross-departmental teams within the Mayor’s Cabinet to help ensure that all of the City of Boston's departments are best serving Bostonians.


The Director’s Office is staffed by a team of professionals with legal, planning, economic development and policy expertise. The Director’s staff works closely with all of the agency’s departments and serves as the Director’s liaison to other city departments, elected officials, the community, developers, businesses, and all other stakeholders.
For more information, please contact the Director's Office by email or by telephone at 617.918.4234