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Research Publications

Explore the Research Division publications below by keyword, neighborhood, or topic. If you have questions about these documents or are looking for specific information, please review the Frequently Requested Information page. This page features publications covering the most requested economic and demographic data for Boston.

Business Establishments in Boston: Citywide Trends

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Nov 27 2023 Publication Date

This presentation explores citywide trends in business establishments in Boston, providing some pre-pandemic background on business dynamics by firm age and size and giving an overview of the effects of COVID-19 on businesses by neighborhood, size, and industry.

Topics: Industry Profiles, Labor Market, Real Estate & Development
Boston Neighborhoods Map: The Top 10 Countries of Birth for Foreign Born Population

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Nov 20 2023 Publication Date

The map, initially created for the Dreams of Freedom exhibit housed in Boston's Skywalk at the Prudential Tower, showcases the top 10 countries of birth among the foreign-born population in each of Boston's neighborhoods using infographics. Created by the BPDA GIS Lab with data provided by the Research Division.

Topics: Foreign-born
Native Americans in Massachusetts

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Nov 14 2023 Publication Date

This presentation, a collaboration between BPDA Research and Supporting Indigenous Communities Fellow Amira Madison, investigates the characteristics and rapid growth of the Native American population in Massachusetts between 2010 and 2020, using data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. A summarizing infographic is available here.

Topics: Population & Demographics
Race and Ethnicity in the 2020 Census: Self-Identification or Classification?

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Nov 09 2023 Publication Date

This report delves into the implications of the 2020 Census's revised approach to collecting and processing race and ethnicity data. This methodological change, entailing the reclassification of respondents based on their origin, resulted in substantial growth in the "two or more races" category. Executed without respondents' consent, the reclassification distorts demographic analysis and undermines the reliability of Census data. The City of Boston has filed an official complaint to the US Census Bureau protesting this race reclassification scheme.

Topics: Race
Labor Market Update, November 2023

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Nov 06 2023 Publication Date

This presentation provides an analysis of the latest data on Boston's labor market, focusing in particular on how tight labor markets have driven strong post-pandemic wage growth.

Topics: N/A
Workers with Disabilities in Boston

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Oct 20 2023 Publication Date

A presentation exploring the employment, earnings, and occupational representation of Boston’s workers with disabilities as well as national trends in disability reporting and labor force participation. A summarizing infographic is available here.

Topics: Population & Demographics
Shaping Boston: Trends in Land Use and Land Value

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Oct 12 2023 Publication Date

This presentation explores spatial patterns and temporal trends in land use and assesses land values by analyzing the City of Boston's property assessment data. A summarizing infographic is available here.

Topics: Real Estate & Development
Higher Education in Boston

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Sep 11 2023 Publication Date

A presentation describing college student demographics as well as the economic contributions of, and future concerns for, higher education in Boston. A summarizing infographic is available here.

Topics: Education
Boston 2010 - 2050 Population Projections (2023 Revision)

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Sep 11 2023 Publication Date

This presentation examines historical trends in Boston's population and introduces the 2023 revision of Boston Planning and Development Agency's population projections for Boston through 2050. This revision accounts for changes due to the effects of COVID-19 on births, deaths, and migration. The 2019 version of the projections is available here. For updated population projections, see this presentation.

Topics: Population & Demographics
Celebrating What Unites Us

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Sep 07 2023 Publication Date

Prepared for Age Strong for use in Celebrating What Unites Us!, a collaborative program to celebrate the immigrant experience, build community and cross-cultural understanding, and promote healthy living for aging residents of the City of Boston. The thumbnail image above provides a PDF of all the presentations, while the following links provide access to individual community presentations.

Topics: Age, Foreign-born