BPDA Owned Land

The BPDA property inventory consists of land parcels ranging from small, unbuildable parcels best suited for use by abutters, to larger parcels and sites consisting of contiguous land parcels that are suitable for residential, mixed-use or commercial development. The Real Estate department conducts strategic property dispositions with the goal of maximizing public benefit generated from public land.

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Property Disposition Process

The BPDA conducts its property dispositions through an open, transparent, community-driven process. We follow Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 30B as the guideline for our property sale process. Per Chapter 30B, we dispose of a parcel of land in one of the following ways:

  • Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP). The development guidelines of our RFPs are deeply informed by community feedback, including the uses of the site, circulation, and community benefits. All RFPs for public land include criteria to promote diversity and inclusion, fostering a more inclusive workforce throughout the City of Boston.
  • Transfer the parcel to another government agency. For example, we may transfer land to the Parks Department to preserve land as open space, or transfer land to the Department of Neighborhood Development to develop neighborhood infill housing.
  • Directly designate unbuildable parcels with values of $35,000 and below to abutters.

In very rare cases where there is only one qualified bidder, the BPDA may depart from 30B and directly designate a parcel valued over $35,000. In these cases, the BPDA prioritizes community feedback and will conduct a community process.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the BPDA Real Estate division to inquire about specific parcels in our inventory. The BPDA will consider inquiries received and initiate community processes as appropriate.

All of our RFPs for the disposition of our property are posted on our procurement webpage and also advertised publicly across Boston.

Property Inventory

A list of property owned by the BPDA is below.

Data notes

  • The fields Address, Zip Code, Lot Size SF, and Built SF pull from the City of Boston Assessing Department database.
  • The Neighborhoods field refers to BPDA neighborhood boundaries.
  • The Status field provides information about whether a parcel is appropriate for development.
    • Developable: The parcel is appropriate for development, and the BPDA may choose to issue an RFP to develop the parcel in the future. The uses, development guidelines, design guidelines, and other parameters in the RFP will be determined through a community process.The classification “developable” should not be misinterpreted as a decision to develop the property - all development decisions will be discussed with community members.
    • Designated: The BPDA has designated this parcel to a developer who is undergoing pre-development work.
    • Ground Leased: The BPDA is ground leasing this parcel to a tenant who has developed it or is in the process of doing so. Ground leases tend to be 70 to 99 years in length.
    • More planning needed: The parcel may be considered as a development site in the future, but requires more internal due diligence and community conversation to determine if development is possible.
    • Not developable: The parcel’s size, terrain, street access, or other factors make it inappropriate for development. The BPDA may consider selling these parcels to abutting property owners as appropriate.
    • Open space/community garden: This parcel is currently public open space or an active community garden, and is not appropriate for development.
    • Parking Lot/Garage: The parcel is currently in use as a parking lot or garage.
    • Long Term Maintenance Agreement: The BPDA owns this parcel but is not responsible for maintenance. Some of these properties are in the public right-of-way, such as streets, and some are open spaces maintained by owners of abutting buildings. It is not appropriate for development.
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