BPDA Owned Land

The Boston Planning & Development Agency owns a number of land parcels around the city which are available for acquisition, and which can be viewed below. These parcels are considered to be in one of two categories: 

  • Buildable: Parcels that are large enough to be developed into housing, commercial, or other uses.
  • Non-Buildable: Parcels that are too small for new, freestanding development.

Any interested party may inquire about buildable parcels by contacting the Asset Management department within the division of Engineering and Facilities Management. After receiving a formal inquiry about acquiring or developing a buildable parcel, the Asset Management department will notify all abutters and initiate a competitive RFP process to dispose of the property. 

Only abutters may inquire about non-buildable parcels. Abutters who are interested in acquiring non-buildable parcels should submit a letter of interest to the Asset Management department with a brief description and timeline of their plans for the property. BPDA staff will review responses from abutting property owners to determine if an application meets the qualifications for disposition as outlined in the Parcel Disposition Kit. If more than one abutter expresses interest, abutters will be offered an opportunity to propose a mutually agreeable division of the parcel. If consensus cannot be reached among the interested, qualified abutters, BPDA staff will assist in negotiating a division of the parcel. If consensus still cannot be reached, BPDA may recommend one qualified abutter through an internal review process.

The BPDA Board will review, approve and/or modify the Asset Management department's recommendation for each parcel.

For more information, please contact Reay Pannesi, Senior Manager for Disposition Services, by email or by telephone at 617.918.6239.

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