Central Artery Parcel 2 Park Design

Summary & Goals

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and the Greenway Conservancy, is excited to announce the kickoff of the Central Artery Parcel 2 Park Design Process. Parcel 2 is a 5,000 square-foot vacant lot located between the Bulfinch Triangle and the North End and bordered by North Washington Street, Anthony “Rip” Valenti Way, and Beverly Street. The BPDA will be leading an eight-month design process that will culminate in the construction of a new park at Parcel 2. Upon completion, it will be the northernmost terminus to the Rose Kennedy Greenway park network.  

The design process will...

  • Create a park design that complements and contributes to the existing Greenway park system.
  • Complete a park design with a construction budget that does not exceed $400,000.
  • Minimize impacts on the Central Artery/Tunnel.
  • Complete a community outreach process that outlines the PARCEL 2 PROJECT expectations and informs the ultimate long-term open space use of Parcel 2.

Project Team

The project will be led by the BPDA through a tripartite process as laid out in the Central Artery/Tunnel ("CA/T") Project. The tripartite group will include, but is not be limited to the following:

  • The Boston Planning & Development Agency
  • The Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • Local community: North End, Bulfinch Triangle, West End, and Government Center Community Members, the Greenway Business Improvement District, and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.

Upcoming Events

Meeting 5: Date and Agenda To Be Determined

This meeting will occur in Spring 2020.

Past Events

Meeting 4: Preferred Design Progress | November 19, 2019

Agenda | Presentation  | Preferred Design Boards | Feedback

The project team provided an overview of the feedback collected during the third public meeting and the Concept Designs Online Survey. This feedback guided the selection and further progression of one preferred park design scheme. The presentation focused on the progression of a single scheme.

Meeting 3: Concept Design Options | October 2, 2019

Presentation | Site Analysis & Design Concept Boards | Feedback

The project team presented three design options based on feedback received during meeting 2. This meeting aimed to narrow down to one preferred design direction.

Meeting 2: Open House | September 9, 2019

Handout | Presentation | Site Analysis Boards | Feedback

The project team returned to provide a recap of the August meeting. Community members participated in an open house intended to narrow down the programming options for the site.

Meeting 1: Project Kick-off | August 14, 2019

Agenda | Presentation | Feedback | Notes

Participants learn more about the design process, shared ideas, and discovered how to participate in shaping the park design.

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