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Residential projects in Dorchester, South Boston, Roslindale and Brighton move forward at August Board meeting

Aug 15, 2019

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board of Directors approved development projects in neighborhoods across the City of Boston, which will result in new market-rate and income-restricted residential units, economic development, and jobs. Overall, the development projects approved this month will create an additional 176 residential units, including 25 income-restricted units, and 849 trade jobs, 452 direct jobs and 1,161 indirect and induced jobs. 

The residential projects moving forward make progress towards Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s goal of increasing affordable housing to support a strong middle-class

In addition to development projects, the BPDA Board also authorized the disbursement of $650,000 in funds to the Chinatown Community Land Trust, Inc (CCLT) for the provision of income-restricted housing in this neighborhood. Recognizing the strong need for income-restricted housing in Chinatown, the BPDA released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for these funds in June. In their response to the RFP, reviewed by BPDA and City staff, CCLT committed to using these funds for the purchase and preservation of row houses in Chinatown in order to maintain the historic fabric of the neighborhood and increase the availability of affordable home-ownership opportunities.

Development Projects

BPDA Board approves 3 Aspinwall Road, bringing 34 home-ownership units, 4 of which are income-restricted to Dorchester 
Live: Creation of 34 home-ownership units, of which 4 are income-restricted
Work: $10 million investment, generating 40 construction jobs
Connect: Provides $40k in community benefits for transportation and infrastructure improvements

Located in Dorchester, 3 Aspinwall Road will demolish the former Nelson Manor nursing home, vacant since the mid-1990’s, to construct a four-story residential building with 34 home-ownership units. Four of these units will be income-restricted. 

The project includes 29 on-site/off-street parking garage spaces and a bicycle storage area located within the basement-level of the building. There will also be approximately 7,800 square feet of open space as an amenity for residents. 

3 Aspinwall Road provides a number of community benefits for the surrounding area, including $20,000 in funding for transit improvements along the Washington Street Corridor and $20,000 in funding for improvements to the Codman Square Park located at 360 Talbot Avenue. 

Trimount Place at 267 Old Colony Avenue moves forward, is consistent with guidelines outlined in the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue study
Live: Creation of 55 rental units, of which 9 are income-restricted 
Work: Mixed-use development, including 3 new commercial spaces 
Connect: Consistent with guidelines outlined PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue

The newly-approved Trimount Place at 267 Old Colony Avenue in South Boston will construct a mixed-use development on a site currently occupied by a vacant commercial building and surface parking lot, resulting in new pedestrian and retail activity for the neighborhood. 

The building will contain 55 rental units, including nine income-restricted units. The unit mix consists of 20 one-bedroom units, 33 two-bedroom units and 2 three-bedroom units. There will also be an approximately 7,914 square foot commercial space, and a  semi-grade garage with approximately 65 parking spaces and 55 bicycle storage spaces. 

The project will bring a $300,000 investment in public realm improvements for the South Boston community. This includes a contribution to fund the purchase and installation of decorative street lights on Dorchester Street and a contribution to fund efforts to maintain green space at Joseph Moakley Park.

Located within the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue study area, Trimount Place at 267 Old Colony Avenue is consistent with the vision and guidelines outlined in the planning initiative.

Newly-approved 43 Lochdale Road in Roslindale creates 38 rental units, including 32 market-rate and 6 income-restricted rental units 
Live: Creates 38 rental units, of which 6 are income-restricted
Connect: Contributes $60k in public realm improvements

43 Lochdale Road will bring a new, four-story building with 38 rental units to a currently vacant site located in Roslindale. Six units will be income-restricted. 

The first floor of the building will include two studio units, building lobby space, garage parking for 39 vehicles, a bicycle storage room and a loading dock. The upper floors of the building will consist of 3 one-bedroom units, 30 two-bedroom units and 3 two-bedroom with study units. 

The project will bring several pedestrian improvements to Lochdale Road and Washington Street, including the construction of a new sidewalk, installation of two new crosswalks and the construction of five new pedestrian ramps and one curb extension.

50 Leo Birmingham Parkway brings 49 homeownership units, 6 of which are income-restricted, to Brighton
Live: Creates 49 homeownership units, of which 6 are income-restricted
Work: Generates 75 construction jobs
Connect: Gives approximately $111,000 contribution to the Inclusionary Development Policy fund

Located in Brighton, 50 Leo Birmingham Parkway will demolish an existing structure to build a six-story, 48,645 square foot residential building. The building will house 49 home-ownership units, including 6 income-restricted units. The unit mix is anticipated to consist of 12 studios, 21 one-bedroom units, 13 two-bedroom units and 3 three-bedroom units. The project will also have 52 off-street vehicle parking spaces and approximately 54 on-site bicycle storage spaces.

There are a number of community benefits associated with the project, including a contribution for improvements and maintenance to the Portsmouth Street Playground and Murray Field, a contribution for improvements to the boathouse and surrounding landscape at 1345 Soldier’s Field Road, and a contribution to the ongoing Allston-Brighton Mobility Study

Parcel 12 creates a new, mixed-use development, and brings over half an acre of publicly accessible open space to Back Bay
Live: Creates over half an acre of civic space, serving as a gathering space for both City residents and visitors 
Work: Provides 1,100 construction jobs, with approximately 2,750 permanent jobs on-site upon completion
Connect: Creates dedicated and separated zones for pedestrians, cyclists and transit customers 

Parcel 12, commonly known as Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Air Rights Parcel 12, is located in the Back Bay neighborhood and is adjacent to the Massachusetts Turnpike. 

Newly-approved, Parcel 12 will construct a new, mixed-use project with office, hotel and retail/restaurant spaces. The project is anticipated to create approximately 2,750 permanent on-site jobs spread among these uses. The project will also create approximately over half an acre of publicly accessible open space consisting of a civic place and an elevated landscaped plaza. 

There are a number of public realm, transportation and economic development benefits associated with the project. The project will also bring several community benefits to the Back Bay and the City of Boston as a whole. This includes contributions for improvements to Charlesgate Park and Symphony Park, beautification efforts along Boylston Street, and costs associated with lighting statutes located on Commonwealth Avenue Mall. 

In June 2000, the City of Boston published A Civic Vision for Turnpike Air Rights in Boston, providing a framework to guide public realm improvements and private development on MassDOT Turnpike Air Rights Parcels within the City of Boston. Parcel 12 is consistent with the development objectives outlined in this vision, and creates an exceptional public realm for the people of Boston where there is currently a gap in the urban fabric. 

12-28 Lansdowne Street (Fenway Theater) brings performing arts center to the Fenway neighborhood, new fan amenity spaces within Fenway Park
Recreate: Builds a new performing arts center and 32,000 square feet of new fan amenity spaces within Fenway Park  
Work: Creates 80 full-time jobs, 450 part-time jobs, and the creation of career pathway program in coordination with Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture and Office of Economic Development
Connect: Provides $1.5 million in public realm improvements, $90k in funding for transportation studies

Fenway Theater, located at 12-28 Lansdowne Street, will construct approximately 146,000 square feet of new and renovated gross floor area. The project will consist of  three key components, including a new, state of the art, multi-purpose performing arts center occupying approximately 91,500 square feet on four levels and accommodating approximately 5,400 patrons. 

At the western portion of the project site, approximately 32,000 square feet of new fan amenity areas will be built as a two-story vertical expansion of the existing Fenway Garage. Additionally, approximately 22,500 square feet of the existing Fenway Garage interior space will be renovated to provide enhanced service and support areas to serve both Fenway Park and the Fenway Theater. 

The project will provide a range of community benefits for the neighborhood, including a partnership with the neighboring Boston Arts Academy, support and for local cultural and educational institutions and a commitment to working with the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development to develop a career pathway program.

1241 Boylston Street constructs new 184 unit hotel in the Fenway neighborhood
Live: Builds new hotel with 184 units 
Work: Creates approximately 350 construction jobs, 50 permanent jobs 
Connect: Constructs approximately 4,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, replacing heavily trafficked gas station

Located in the Fenway, 1241 Boylston Street will construct an approximately 105,000 square-foot, eight-story hotel. The building is proposed to contain 184 guest rooms and approximately 4,600 square feet of ground floor retail space. The current site consists of a gas/service station which is also used as a parking lot. 

The project will incorporate over 80 below-grade parking spaces. Pick-up and drop-off will occur on the Ipswich Street side of the building, and loading and access to the parking garage will take place off Private Alley 938. 

1241 Boylston Street will provide several community benefits to the surrounding neighborhood. This includes, among other things, funding for programming in the Back Bay Fens, funding for ongoing improvements to the Fenway Victory Gardens and funding for job training programs at the Fenway Community Development Corporation. 

The project will also make significant bicycle transportation improvements to the project site as outlined in Imagine Boston 2030 and Go Boston 2030. Imagine Boston is Boston's first citywide plan in 50 years aimed and puts forth a comprehensive vision to boost quality of life, equity and resilience in every neighborhood across the City.

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