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Zoning Commission Hearing

Jul 17, 2024

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Jeffrey Hampton

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    [email protected]

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    Zoning Commission

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    Virtual Meeting

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The Boston Zoning Commission typically meets on the first Wednesday (and third, when applicable) of each month to rule on proposed amendments to the Boston Zoning Code. The Commission also votes on Institutional Master Plans and Planned Development Areas in accordance with Article 80. Anyone may petition the Zoning Commission to adopt a zoning change. Following community engagement, Planning Department staff bring zoning change recommendations to the BPDA Board of Directors for approval and then petition the Zoning Commission. Once the Zoning Commission adopts a zoning amendment, it is sent to the Mayor for approval and then is codified in the Zoning Code.

Zoning Commission hearings are conducted virtually through Zoom. The public can participate in hearings by registering for and attending Zoom meetings and verbally offering public comment. The public can also send written comments by email to [email protected] or by post to 1 City Hall Square, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02201


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11:00 AM
Map Amendment Application No. 783
Planned Development Area No. 154, 180 Western Avenue
Map 7B/7D, Allston-Brighton Neighborhood District

Said map amendment would amend “Map 7B/7D, Allston Brighton Neighborhood District”, by adding the designation “D”, indicating a Planned Development Area overlay to approximately 1.2 acres (+/- 50,227 square feet) of land generally bounded by Western Avenue to the north, Bertram Street to the south, North Harvard Street to the west, and Travis Street to the east. Said Development Plan would allow for the demolition of the existing buildings on the Project Site, and to construct a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use building including residential uses, ground-floor retail, restaurant, and service uses, parking and loading uses and other uses. The Proposed Project comprises an approximately seven-story building, containing approximately 200,000 square feet of Gross Floor Area, including residential space (approximately 274 units), ground-floor retail, restaurant, service uses, and accessory spaces, shared indoor and outdoor amenity spaces for residents, served by parking located within the building

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11:15 AM
Text Amendment Application No. 527
Articles 2 (Definitions), 37 (Green Buildings) and 80 (Development Review and Approval)
Net Zero Carbon Zoning

Said text amendment would amend Articles 2 (Definitions), 37 (Green Buildings) and 80 (Development Review and Approval) with respect to the adoption of Net Zero Carbon zoning.