BPDA Planning Initiatives in Allston-Brighton

It is a priority for the BPDA that as many people as possible are empowered to participate, ask questions, and provide feedback on BPDA planning initiatives. BPDA staff coordinate across initiatives and with City of Boston departments and identify needs for additional coordination in Allston-Brighton specifically. This page contains resources conveniently located in one place. For more information about development projects, please refer to the BPDA Development Review page.

Allston-Brighton communities have engaged in a number of planning initiatives over the past decade. In 2022, the Harvard Allston Task Force advocated for several Allston-Brighton planning initiatives through the BPDA Article 80 Development Review of the Harvard Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) Phase A. As a result of this advocacy, funding has been committed to the following planning projects:

All of these planning initiatives are guided by Mayor Wu’s Vision for the BPDA which includes reforming the City of Boston’s Zoning Code, Modernizing the Article 80 Process, and conducting citywide initiatives like the Boston Design Vision and Squares + Streets.

Overview of BPDA Planning Initiatives in Allston-Brighton

Graphic showing scales and range in years of planning initiatives and other BPDA projects in Allston and Brighton.

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Allston-Brighton Needs Assessment

March 2023 – January 2024

Over the summer and fall of 2023, AURA on behalf of the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) conducted a needs assessment for the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods with the goals to: 

  1. Empower the community to advocate for benefits from private development projects;
  2. Provide other City agencies and local non-profits with analysis to inform their decision-making, and
  3. Prepare for the upcoming Allston-Brighton Community Plan.

The Final Report was adopted by the BPDA Board in January, 2024. This document includes an executive summary, project methodology, findings, and recommendations.

Harvard Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) District and Greenway Plan

June 2023 – May 2024

The Harvard ERC District and Greenway Plan seeks to establish a community vision and priorities for the area centered on equitable growth, transportation needs, resilience, and an accessible and active open space and public realm. The planning and engagement process will help shape the design and activation of a proposed greenway that runs east to west through the site and codify zoning, recommend community benefits, and develop urban design guidelines to inform future development within the study area.

To get involved, Take the SurveyShare Your Thoughts, and participate in upcoming events.

Beacon Park Yard Regional Framework Plan

June 2023 – December 2024

The Beacon Park Yard Regional Framework Plan (BPY Plan) will complement and inform the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's (MassDOT) Allston Multimodal Project. The BPY Plan will develop a community vision to explore and refine opportunities unlocked by the replacement and redesign of the Allston Interchange.

To get involved, participate in upcoming events and share your thoughts!

Western Avenue Transitway Plan and Design 

October 2023 – August 2024

The Western Avenue Transitway Plan and Design effort will support plans in Go Boston Boston 2030 and  Western Avenue Corridor and Rezoning Study (WACRZ) to continue to advance safe, reliable, multimodal street design and buildout, coordinate and comprehensive transportation planning analysis, and subsequent approach to designing improvements for the Transitway.

Allston-Brighton Community Plan

January 2024 – September 2025

Over recent years, Allston-Brighton has witnessed a significant transformation through development. The shift from industrial land use to a more diversified landscape necessitates a comprehensive planning initiative and zoning reform. This transformation is driven by the need to accommodate growth throughout the City, the creation of new transportation corridors and nodes exemplified by the Western Avenue Corridor Study and Rezoning (WACRZ), development surrounding the Boston Landing Station, and the evolution and expansion of institutional presence, notably Harvard University to the north east, Boston University to the south east, and Boston College to the south west. This confluence of factors presents both opportunities and challenges, to be addressed in a community-driven approach to planning for the future.

Related Planning Efforts

Citywide efforts led by the BPDA

Boston Design Vision
Squares + Streets
Mayor Wu’s Vision for the BPDA

Previous Planning in Allston-Brighton led by the BPDA

Western Avenue Corridor Study and Rezoning
Allston-Brighton Mobility Plan
I-90 Allston Interchange Placemaking Study
Brighton/Guest Street Planning Study & Urban Design Guidelines
North Allston-Brighton Community-Wide Plan (CWP)
Western Avenue / Soldiers Field Road / Birmingham Parkway Intersection Improvements

Planning led by the City of Boston

Go Boston 2030
Imagine Boston 2030
Boston Green Links
Allston-Brighton Arts, Culture, and Placekeeping
Commonwealth Avenue Phase 3 & 4

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Beacon Park Yard Plan - Big Ideas Public Forum 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM

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123 Antwerp Street
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Beacon Park Yard Plan - Big Ideas Virtual Public Forum 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM

NEIGHBORHOOD: Allston, Brighton


Virtual meeting

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