Fort Point District Planning (100 Acres)

The continuation of public realm planning in the South Boston Waterfront includes the recently completed 100 Acres Master Planning process for the Fort Point District. The goal was to create a public realm plan that would guide future development. The area's population, historic buildings, cultural activity, industries, and commercial activities lend the district a unique energy that is treasured by residents, workers, and visitors alike. The district, however, is faced with major infrastructure changes, development pressures, and other community challenges and opportunities.

The 100 Acres Master Plan provides a framework for transforming the existing surface parking lots around the Proctor & Gamble/Gillette (“P&G/Gillette”) plant, the USPS facility, and Fort Point historic structures to a vibrant 24-hour, mixed-use neighborhood anchored by over 11 acres of new public open space and almost 5.9 million square feet of development. The Master Plan is the culmination of over five years of collaboration between residents, property owners, City and State agencies, and other interested parties. Together these groups have created a bold vision for the 100 Acres that incorporates a broad set of planning principles and addresses many concerns voiced during the community process.

Key elements of the Plan include:

  • Defining a land use plan for the district;
  • Recommending appropriate building heights and density;
  • Preserving industrial uses while encouraging an increased mix of uses, and providing buffers around industrial uses to prevent conflicts with nearby commercial and residential uses;
  • Ensuring that at least one-third of development is housing, including an expansion of artist housing, and aggregating residential elements around open spaces; • Extending Harborwalk along the entire length of Fort Point Channel;
  • Providing an open space connection from the South Boston Bypass Road/Haul Road to the Fort Point Channel;
  • Identifying the P&G/Gillette Plant as a critical water-dependent use on the Fort Point Channel; and;
  • Establishing limits on the future build-out of the 100 Acres area, and implementing phasing of this development based on available and projected transit infrastructure capacity.


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