Ongoing Reforms

Transparent and Fair Land Disposition

  • In 2014, the agency adopted a new policy that allows stakeholders to provide feedback about proposed land dispositions before they are taken to the BPDA Board for approval. Developers requesting takings and property transfers are now required to provide the BPDA with a map and description of the proposed project and their strategy for redevelopment. Land transfers involving BPDA-owned parcels are subject to the same documentation requirements. This information is available on the BPDA’s website, and community meetings are hosted regarding each proposal, followed by a public comment period lasting for ten business days thereafter. Comments are reviewed by staff and reported to the Board for consideration before any further action is taken.
  • In 2018, the BPDA began requiring criteria to promote diversity and inclusion and prevent displacement in all Requests for Proposals (RFPs) released for public land moving forward. The diversity and inclusion policy asks respondents to RFPs for public land to set forth a Diversity and Inclusion Plan that will establish an outreach program aimed at creating increased opportunities for people of color, women, and for M/BEs to participate in the proposed development project. Proposals should include the extent to whichthe proponent plans to include meaningful participation in the fields of construction, design, development, financing, operations, and ownership.

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