Ongoing Reforms

Internal Tracking

  • Since 2014 the BPDA has adopted several technology-based solutions for better data tracking and record keeping internally.
  • All development review data has been migrated to Salesforce, allowing the Agency to better manage and share project data internally and with the public. Additionally, all Article 80 project documents are beginning to move to a new, more transparent management system that will increase the speed and efficiency for Project Managers to upload these documents in the future.
  • All of the agency’s 126 leases, and 1,100 lease documents have been entered into the web-based property management solution, YARDI, to allow staff to easily access lease information, produce reports and effectively manage the agency’s lease portfolio.
  • Since 2013, nearly every BPDA Division has a new Director.
  • The BPDA now has a yearly, merit-based internal performance review system.

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