When Mayor Walsh came into office in 2014, he had serious concerns about how decisions were made at the then-Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). He immediately ordered an outside review of the BRA and put in place significant reforms to bring transparency, integrity and accountability to our development and planning processes across the city.

Since then, the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) has transformed from an agency stuck in the past to a vehicle for community engagement to guide inclusive growth that respects the history of each of Boston’s unique neighborhoods.

Over 15,000 residents were engaged to roll out Imagine Boston 2030 in 2017, a comprehensive vision to boost quality of life, equity, and resilience in every neighborhood across the city. Today, Imagine Boston is being actively implemented through neighborhood planning studies and strategic plans that guide the City’s work everyday in housing, transportation and climate resiliency.

While there is still more work to do, the BPDA has made significant strides over the past several years to improve the development and planning process within the agency and modernize outdated operational functions internally and externally.

September 2016: Boston Planning & Development Agency launches to shape Boston's future [relauch website]

July 2015: McKinsey & Company Operational Review, Executive Summary, BRA Action Plan for Management and Reforms and BRA Action Plan Update: April 2016 [read more]

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