GIS Maps

Department Mission

The Office of Digital Cartography and GIS (ODCGIS) provides all computer mapping and geographic/analytic support for the BPDA. In addition, the initiative creates and maintains databases related to economic development, demographics and land use planning. ODCGIS is responsible for creating and maintaining all official zoning maps and maintains an up to date version on the BPDA website.

Role in the Agency

The Boston Planning & Development Agency has been using GIS to enhance both operational and analytic functions since the mid-1980s. The Boston Planning & Development Agency is responsible for collecting and maintaining Census, land use, zoning and economic development related data for the City of Boston.  Prior to 2007, the BPDA maintained and managed most of the base GIS data and to this day continues to create and publish web services and maps for sale. Today, all planimetric data is created and maintained by DoIT, Department of Innovation and Technology at the City of Boston.  Planimetric data contains essential cadastral map information to which all other location-based information can be referenced, such as parcel boundaries, street and address annotation.

Find PDF maps created by BPDA staff for download by browsing the categories in the "GIS Maps" section.

Find Boston parcel maps using Assessing Online.

Find Zoning maps.

Find an Article 80 map viewer in the Development Projects section.

The City of Boston’s BostonMaps includes links to download data and create maps. 

Find Massachusetts Geographic Information System (MassGIS) data downloads and data viewing via the State’s “Oliver” system

Find Boston Regional data and maps at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.

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