Old Colony (Phase 4 and 5)

South Boston
Land Sq. Feet
0 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
255,494 sq ft
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Project Description
The Final Phase will include the demolition of 208 existing units and the construction of 342 new apartments that will be undertaken in three phases (Phase 4, Phase 5 and Phase 6). This will accomplish the goal in Phase 4 and Phase 5 with a one-to-one replacement of 208 apartments, plus in Phase 6 to be approved separately from the 121A projects at a later date, a new production of 134 additional affordable apartments and affordable condominiums. Buildings will have townhouse-style direct entry apartments on the first floor to the extent possible due to flood plain and climate resiliency design considerations. The buildings will be designed similar to previous phases using modern materials that will better integrate the buildings into the surrounding neighborhoods and eliminate the industrial feeling associated with public housing developments of the mid-1900s. Ground floor units will have individual front door entries. Small office for local service providers as well as a small ancillary maintenance space will be included in the buildings. The Final Phase will complete the 10-year redevelopment of Old Colony – weaving the community back into the fabric of South Boston and creating new view corridors both to downtown Boston and the waterfront. The landscaped open spaces will also improve stormwater runoff conditions and allow for groundwater infiltration.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete


South Boston Large Project