1170-1190 Soldiers Field Road

Land Sq. Feet
273,556 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
700,000 sq ft
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Project Description
The Proposed Project is the redevelopment of the existing site of the WBZ/CBS-TV Station, approximately six (6) acres on the south side of Soldiers Field Road, into a Class A office and life science hub comprised of three (3) buildings totaling approximately 700,000 gross square feet, with significant new privately owned public space, and new infrastructure. The Project is anticipated to be constructed in phases: Phase I will include the East Building and below-grade parking, all perimeter site driveways, all site utility infrastructure and upgrades, a new pedestrian connection to Smith Field, with a portion of the open space adjacent to the building. The remainder of the Project will likely be built in one or two subsequent phases based on market conditions. The future phases will include the North and South Buildings including associated below-grade parking, with adjacent passive open space. The three (3) proposed buildings are designated for office use and life science, with some ground-floor retail and other supporting uses, with two (2) levels of underground parking. The buildings will range from approximately 225,000 square feet and seven (7) to eight (8) stories with a maximum height of approximately 135 feet in height.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete