Morrissey Boulevard Study - BPDA Corridor Walking and Listening Session

Jun 12, 2024

5:00 PM - 6:30 AM
  • Contact Name:

    Joseph Blankenship

  • Contact Email Address:

    [email protected]

  • Type:

    Office Hours

  • Location:

    99 Old Colony Ave
    JFK/UMass Station (Bus Terminal side)
    Boston, MA 02127


As a funding partner in MassDOT's Morrissey Boulevard Study which is being led through the Morrissey Commission, BPDA staff - joined by MassDOT and DCR staff - are holding an in-person Corridor Walking and Listening Session this week to ensure feedback is received on the information that was presented at the Morrissey Commission's May 31st Meeting #3. Staff will answer questions and document feedback

At the Walking and Listening session staff will walk along Morrissey Blvd and discuss the corridor with attendees. 

No new information will be presented.